NFL Films Presents More: Behind a Pretty Face

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You rarely get the chance to put everything you wanted into a feature.

For the “Face of the Franchise” segment, I interviewed Dr. Jennifer Van Gilder, an Economics Professor at Ursinus University.  Her research explores facial symmetry—how balanced a person’s eyes and ears and nose are on their face—and its relationship to salary.  During the interview, she discussed patterns on butterfly wings, whether teachers paid more attention to better-looking students, and how facial symmetry equates to beauty across all countries and cultures.

Sorry—none of the above made it into the piece.

But I think you’ll like what did make the piece, and you’ll be fascinated by the link between facial symmetry and quarterback salaries.

Check out this site for more on Dr. Van Gilder’s facial symmetry study.

And read “The NFL’s Best Looking Team” from the Wall Street Journal.

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