Cosell’s Watching: The Stars & Struggles of Eagles D

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of the coaching tape of Week 14: Eagles defense versus the Dolphins offense.

  • Marshall 16 yd TD was a great throw by Moore; Eagles bracket coverage on Marshall with Asomugha and S Allen, Asomugha had him to the outside – Asomugha was beaten on the play
  • Matthews was one of the nickel LB in this game, He replaced Chaney; Matthews and Clayton were the nickel LB in the 4-2-5 sub-package in long yardage situations
  • Eagles played more base fronts in this game, Less “wide 9” concepts and more “over” and “under” concepts – Jenkins great play from nose shade alignment to defeat Clay “wam “ block on Thomas no gain on 3rd possession

  • Eagles showed more front alignment versatility out of their nickel sub-package, Some “amoeba” looks with only one DL in a 3 point stance

    Kurt Coleman rushes after intercepting the ball (AP)

  • Moore at his best an above average passer who must be manipulated and managed by the offensive scheme
  • Tapp bull rush v. LT Garner responsible for Coleman interception in the 2nd quarter, Tapp drove Garner back into Moore – Moore threw from a collapsing pocket with poor definition
  • With Long out the Dolphins struggled at the tackle positions with LT Garner and RT Colombo
  • Eagles clearly made some defensive changes for this game: More front alignment versatility out of nickel, More blitz out of nickel, More man coverage
  • Eagles DE consistently overmatched Dolphins tackles Garner and Colombo, Nice rotation with starters Cole and Babin and backups Tapp and Hunt – Hunt played more snaps in this game than in any previous game
  • Matthews sack came out of different front look: DT Jenkins and Patterson aligned at DE, DE Babin and Cole in 2 point stances inside, Matthews and Clayton both rushed the QB; Combination blitz and stunt – Matthews unblocked
  • Babin sack + forced fumble prevented a big play, Fasano beat Rolle to the inside
  • Eagles do not execute zone coverage concepts very effectively, especially with their LB and safeties
  • Still do not understand why the Eagles play Asomugha inside, That does not fit his skill set

    Reggie Bush rushes during the second half of the game (AP)

  • Samuel made a nice play breaking up a seam pass to Fasano from the deep safety position, Showed ability to plant and drive – Future as a free safety?
  • Cole played an excellent game, both as a pass rusher and as a pursuit run defender – Speed and range
  • Bush consecutive 10+ runs in the 3rd quarter came v. Eagles nickel; Matthews a poor run defender, No physicality and not a lot of lateral quickness
  • DT Landri again flashed as a rotation player, He makes critical plays every week
  • All of Bush good runs in the 2nd half came against Eagles nickel personnel, An effective way to run the ball v. Eagles

More notes from Greg’s Week 14 film study coming later today.

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