Cosell’s Watching: Not one of Brady’s Better Games

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of the coaching tape of Week 14: Patriots offense vs. Redskins defense.

  • Patriots 1st possession featured 4 snaps of empty, Redskins brought pressure on every play
  • Redskins game plan challenged Patriots offense, featured a lot of man coverage and blitz pressure
  • Redskins matched S Gomes man-to-man on Gronkowski at times, Gronkowski 49 yds + 11 yd TD both came in one-on-one matchups with Gomes

  • Redskins played both base 3-4 and nickel to the Patriots “12” personnel, What was interesting was the Redskins played nickel at times when the Patriots had 6 OL on the field
  • Patriots mixed in the no huddle and at times caught the Redskins unprepared
  • Patriots only played with a 3rdWR on 15 snaps, Underwood 11 plays and Ochocinco 4 plays

    Rob Gronkowski is tackled by Josh Wilson (AP)

  • Brady was not sharp throwing the ball and he also missed some things mentally; Through the 1st half it was not one of his better games, In fact it was one of his worst
  • Brady inaccurate throw to wide open Gronkowski from 5 yd line, My sense was the Redskins blew the coverage – LB Riley clearly allowed Gronkowski free access to the inside
  • Empty out of “12” personnel was a significant part of the Patriots offense – Woodhead was primarily the back
  • Redskins played nickel on almost every snap beginning in the 1st quarter
  • Brady continued to miss routine throws in the 2nd half, Overthrew open Gronkowski v. LB Fletcher on seam route in the 3rd quarter
  • Gronkowski 37 yd TD on 3rd + 12 came against “cover zero blitz”, Redskins matched Kerrrigan on Gronkowski
  • Patriots success with no huddle on Welker 24 yd TD drive in the 3rd quarter – Welker 24 yd TD result of Brady pocket movement, He extended the play allowing Welker to beat Hall
  • LT Light a very solid game in pass protection matched against Orakpo
  • Wilson excellent interception in the end zone in the 4th quarter, Wilson undercut Underwood taking away Brady’s passing window
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