Cosell’s Watching: Gabbert’s Best Game of the Season

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of the coaching tape of Week 14: Blaine Gabbert vs. the Tampa Bay Defense.

  • Biggers started at corner in place of inactive Talib
  • Gaitor played outside in the dime sub-package, with Mack in the slot; Barber played dime LB
  • Gabbert still very poor footwork on his delivery, Does not drive through his throws with his lower body, Pulls away from his throws

  • Haynesworth showed up on film,At times he pressured Gabbert from the inside

    Marcedes Lewis runs for yardage against Sean Jones (AP)

  • Gabbert great throw to Lewis on a vertical seam for 62 yds, Lewis beat S Jones; Gabbert showed some subtle pocket movement and stayed balanced with his feet – It was Gabbert’s best throw of the season, the kind of throw that makes you understand why he was the 10th player chosen in the draft
  • Gabbert excellent TD drive at the end of the 1st half: 9 plays in 1:02; Showed some poise and command for the 1st time this season
  • Jaguars still kept it simple for Gabbert re: reads and throws, That’s good coaching
  • Gabbert another excellent throw to Dillard on a seam route in the 3rdquarter, Showed great anticipation and accuracy – Good balance and footwork, Stepped into the throw, Excellent velocity

    Blaine Gabbert (AP)

  • Gabbert terrible interception in the tight red zone, Threw the ball out of the huddle, Never validated the defense after the snap
  • Bucs generated little pass rush pressure on Gabbert, He was clean in the pocket on the majority of his every throws
  • Bucs tried to generate pass rush out of their sub-packages with Bennett at DT and Bowers at DE
  • Overall this was Gabbert’s best game of the season; Showed some improvement in the pocket, Better footwork and balance, Made a few big time NFL throws – Issue was never his arm but rather his willingness to command the pocket and deliver the ball with bodies around him
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