Cosell’s Watching: Benson, Cushing, Johnathan Joseph

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of the coaching tape of Week 14: Texans defense against the Bengals Offense.

  • Bengals a lot of 2 TE personnel sets in normal down and distance situations to balance and stretch the Texans defense
  • S Manning jumped out immediately on film, especially as an add-in defender in the run game
  • Texans matched Joseph on Green, Johnathan Joseph consistently this season has lined up against the opponent’s #1 receiver

  • Barwin again the open side OLB in the 3-4 personnel package, He aligned on the side with no TE; Reed was the strong side OLB

    Brian Cushing (AP)

  • Benson 42 yds came out of “22” personnel  – Backfield action impacted Cushing, He was out of position
  • Gresham utilized as a movable chess piece aligned all over the formation similar to Packers Finley and Saints Graham, Caught a 26 yd skinny post v. S Manning from split wide alignment on 2nd quarter TD drive
  • FB Pressley showed the ability as a lead blocker to effectively track LB at the 2nd level
  • Benson an excellent sustaining runner: Quick feet, Short area quickness and burst, Natural power, Cut back ability – Not explosive re: long speed
  • Simpson 17 yd TD came against “man free”; 2 man bunch alignment and stack release concept created coverage confusion for McCain and Allen, Both initially reacted to Hawkins
  • Barwin sack + forced fumble was caused by Ryan inside blitz, Forced Dalton to move and broke down timing of shot play to Green v. Joseph, Allowed Barwin more time to beat TE Cochart

    Johnathan Joseph (AP)

  • Green 36 yds on 3rd quarter TD drive came out of 6 OL personnel, Green was the only WR on the field – Dalton’s poor throw was saved by a great catch by Green
  • Texans very aggressive w/ pressure concepts in 4th quarter, “Cover zero blitz” on Benson 5 yd loss on 2nd + 10 with 3:06 left in the game was a critical play
  • Texans defense continued to play well overall, A quick and active front seven and an aggressive and deep secondary – Joseph with his man-to-man coverage ability has added a lot re: versatility and flexibility
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