Tournament of Touchdown Shots: Round 1, Game 2

Holiday Tournament Bracket, Round 1, TCIPF Staff

The first game of round one looked like it was going to be an early upset.  Tomlinson’s Stiff-Arm (8) was beating The Catch (1) until a last minute turn-of-events happened and The Catch prevailed 57.39% to 42.61%.

Now we move to the Walsh Region for Game 2.  Which shot will move on to the next round?  Barry Sanders run versus the Patriots or Antonio Cromartie’s 109 yard field goal return?

Watch the clips and vote!

Sanders Is Sterling (1)

Cromartie 109 Yds (8)

Voting has ended
**Sanders Is Sterling (1) =  85.98%**
Cromartie 109 Yards (8) = 14.02%
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