Cosell’s Watching: Texans Offense vs. Bengals Defense

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  • Kubiak did not protect Yates at the start of the game, He put the ball in his hands deep in Texans territory on the first 2 plays
  • Tate a one cut downhill power runner, Not a lot of lateral quickness and explosiveness, More of a straight line runner but a physical presence
  • Vickers was back at FB after missing the last 2 game, He played 26 snaps in 2 back sets
  • Yates again showed poise and composure in the pocket, Looked comfortable, Did not play fast or perceive pressure
  • Nelson interception was an inaccurate throw by Yates, It was a tight window throw and the ball got away from Yates, He was wild high

  • Daniels 27 yds to start 4th possession another example of confidence Kubiak showed in Yates, 1stdown play action throw from the Texans 10 yd line

    T.J Yates in action against the Bengals (AP)

  • Texans very effective with the play action pass game out of base personnel, Bengals predominant “cover 3” v. base personnel and the route combinations broke down the zone coverage
  • Texans screen game very game effective, especially in 3rd + long yardage: Foster 21 yds on 3rd + 13
  • Bengals utilized DE Johnson as a moveable chess piece in their sub-package defenses, He aligned both in 2 point and 3 point stances and moved all over the front
  • ML Maualuga showed up on film in the run game, Filled gaps effectively and played with a physical presence
  • LT Brown an excellent game in pass protection, and the Texans do not give him help; Brown on an island in pass protection
  • Yates a tendency to short arm some throws, Needs to turn it loose on intermediate routes
  • Walter 19 yds from Texans 1 yd line to start 4th quarter FG drive was a very big play, Kubiak tremendous confidence in Yates
  • Daniels 8 yds on 3rd+ 3 a critical play on winning TD drive, Great block by Foster on blitzing LB Johnson and a great catch by Daniels

    Kevin Walter falls into the endzone with the game-winning TD

  • Yates very impressive on winning TD drive, Read coverage and made the right throws – Bengals did not play soft prevent defense, They featured blitz concepts and man coverage
  • Yates orchestrated winning TD drive with no timeouts; Most impressive play was 17 yd run on 3rd + 15, It came after a sack so Yates had to quickly re-group and run a play in a long yardage situation – Great presence of mind, plus outstanding ability to avoid in the pocket
  • Very impressive 4th quarter performance by Yates in all areas: Poise, command, reading coverage, making throws, all against an aggressive Bengals defense that challenged the Texans offense

Editor’s Note:  Greg Cosell is the Executive Producer of NFL Matchup.  To produce each week’s show, Greg watches the same all-22 game tape as the NFL’s coaches and players use in their preparation.  Check back tomorrow for more notes from Greg’s film study of Week 14.     

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