Cosell’s Watching: Cowboys Offense vs. Giants Defense

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Editor’s Note:  Greg Cosell is the Executive Producer of NFL Matchup.  To produce each week’s show, Greg watches the same all-22 game tape as the NFL’s coaches and players use in their preparation.  Check back to TCIPF throughout the week for notes from Greg’s film study of Week 14.  Here are his observations from Dallas’ offense vs. the Giants’ defense. 

  • Giants sub-package DL featured Kiwanuka at DE and Tuck at DT, Boley played LB in the nickel with Williams
  • Giants still played snaps of “big nickel” with 3 safeties, Sash was the 3rd safety with Phillips inactive
  • Pierre-Paul was responsible for Romo safety, He beat LT Free with combination of leverage and speed
  • Jones a quicker and more laterally explosive runner than Murray, Problem with Jones has always been durability and consistency

Jason Pierre-Paul tackles Tony Romo (AP)

  • Phillips 12 yd TD was great red zone design off boot action right, Misdirection and deception element
  • Part of Giants game plan was to jam TE off the line of scrimmage, whether it was Witten or Phillips – Pierre-Paul did it on his side
  • Both Cowboys red zone TD in the 1st half – Phillips 12 yd TD and Robinson 9 yd TD – featured misdirection and deception
  • Giants matched Webster on Bryant, Ross moved inside over the slot in the nickel sub-package and Amukamara played outside
  • Romo overthrew Bryant on a go route v. Webster on 1st possession of the 3rd quarter, It was “man free” – Romo was late and inaccurate
  • Pierre-Paul continued to emerge as a big time pass rusher, He has great body flexibility and quickness
  • Robinson 74 yds on first 4th quarter TD drive came against “quarters” coverage, Robinson beat Amukamara

    Laurent Robinson (AP)

  • Boley played snaps in the base 4-3 as the game progressed, He replaced Williams
  • Romo just overthrew Austin on 3rd + 5 with 2:25 remaining and Cowboys up 5, A little quick with the throw, It would have ended the game – Giants went “cover zero blitz” for the 1st time in the game and Austin ran by Ross off the line of scrimmage
  • Romo inconsistent in the 2nd half, He missed 2 critical throws that were there that could have been game changers

More notes coming later today. . .

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