Cosell’s Watching: Cardinals Offense vs. 49ers Defense

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  • J. Smith outstanding bull rush v. LG Colledge to hit Kolb on play that led to the concussion
  • Skelton replaced Kolb to start the Cards 2nd possession
  • LB Grant showed up early w/some big hits on Wells in the run game
  • Grant played in the nickel sub-package with Bowman
  • Skelton a big arm with overall poise in the pocket but he’s a very erratic decision maker and lacks consistent accuracy – Ability to make some outstanding throws because of his throwing talent

  • 49ers showed a dime sub-package with Spencer the 4thcorner, He played on the outside; Grant was not in the game in the dime

    Early Doucet looks for running room on his way to a TD (AP)

  • Bowman blew up Stephens-Howling on a blitz that led to Skelton running from the pocket, Great hustle play by A. Smith to force the Skelton fumble recovered by McDonald – Bowman and A. Smith made the play
  • Doucet 60 yd TD well designed out of “11” personnel v. 49ers base 3-4; Shotgun play action to hold ILB Grant and Bowman, Doucet seam route from the slot v. “quarters” S Goldson – Excellent throw by Skelton allowed for run after catch
  • “2 man” continued to be a staple of the 49ers defense, both in base and in the sub-packages
  • With Willis inactive the 49ers played more dime, substituting corner Spencer for LB Grant – Also played a dime package that featured 3-2-6 personnel with Grant and Bowman and S R. Smith
  • 49ers excellent job with stunts out of their 4 man sub-package DL, A. Smith very good looping inside with speed
  • Fitzgerald 46 yd TD came to the “cover 2” side of the 49ers defense, Fitzgerald post rout v. S Goldson; Skelton threw to the matchup, Fitzgerald out-athleted Goldson
  • Cards predominant “11” personnel in the 2ndhalf, 49ers matched up with nickel and at times dime personnel

    Larry Fitzgerald being run down by NaVorro Bowman (AP)

  • 49ers predominant coverage tendency v. Cards “11” personnel was to play “cover 2” to Fitzgerald’s side
  • A. Smith continued to stand out on film, He’s long and athletic with deceptive quickness and explosion
  • 49ers shut down the Cards run game, Wells not a factor in the game
  • Skelton too loose a player, Lack of precision and discipline in his game, Too many negative plays and erratic and inaccurate throws
  • Fitzgerald 53 yds on final TD drive was an unbelievable throw by Skelton into a tight window, One of those throws that Skelton makes once in a while

Later today: Notes from the Texans division clinching win over Cincinnati.

Editor’s Note:  Greg Cosell is the Executive Producer of NFL Matchup.  To produce each week’s show, Greg watches the same all-22 game tape as the NFL’s coaches and players use in their preparation.  Check back to TCIPF throughout the week for notes from Greg’s film study of Week 14.       

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