Week 14 Thoughts from 1NFL

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Tiff – The two things from yesterday’s games that really stuck out in my mind are the Broncos/Bears game and Tebow’s comeback win.  I don’t want to write about Tebow.  I’m tired of it. I just wrote about Tebowmania this past weekend too.  But with what happened yesterday, I can’t help it.  And you know what?  Even though he led another fourth quarter comeback drive to win, I’m still not believing in Tebow.   The Bears played so conservatively once they had the lead that it was obvious they were more afraid of the Broncos defense and Hanie messing up than of Tebow leading his offense to a comeback.  Then to make matters worse, all of a sudden the Bears defense  stopped playing the defense that dominated all game.  Their safeties were too deep (any pass Tebow tried to throw over 30 yards was so inaccurate and such a duck that there was no need to send them so deep), they stopped blitzing, and they left the middle of the field wide open for the dink and dunk passing game that ultimately led the Broncos to victory.  Looking back at Tebow’s 7-1 track record, every team the Broncos have beaten will NOT make the playoffs with the exception of the Jets but they still might not make it.  I’ll believe Tebow when I see him beat a legitimate contender.  With that being said, if Tebow and the Broncos can somehow beat Tom Brady and the Patriots next weekend, I will have someone take a picture of me “Tebowing” on the NFL Films sign.

Dustin Keller (AP)

Nick – Well the Jets made out really well yesterday and all of the sudden, they control their own destiny. They dominated the Chiefs at home, and losses by the Bengals, Titans, and Raiders put them in the sixth and final playoff spot for now. It’s been a roller coaster season as New York won its first two games, lost three in a row, then won two, lost two, and now have won three consecutive. The Jets are starting to look good again, but games against the Giants, Eagles, and Dolphins won’t be easy.

Tom Coughlin and Jason Garrett

Paul – Dropped passes.  Blown coverage.  Critical penalties.  And the Giants were the winning team.  Last night the battle for the NFC East may have shifted, but no way it’s over, because of four words that apply equally to New York, Dallas, and Philadelphia:  terribly talented, frighteningly flawed.  Mathematically even the Redskins are still alive for post-season play, but in all likelihood, the NFC East Title – and a home playoff game – will go to one of the other three teams in this Walking Dead Division.  Here are their remaining schedules.  Which will be the last zombie standing?

Giants – vs. Washington, vs. Jets, vs. Dallas
Dal – at Tampa Bay, vs. Philadelphia, at Giants
Phila – vs. Jets, at Dallas, vs. Washington

Dave – It’s been interesting to watch the mainstream media alter its take on Tebow with each successive win.  From scorn, to skepticism, to reluctance acceptance, to now, trumpeting praise.  All the rumors about character and leadership that were summarily dismissed upon his entry into the league, are now back and bigger than ever.  It turns out he really does seem to make the guys around him better.  His recognition (and I think it’s genuine) that it’s not “Tebow Time”, and he’s not the magic button in Denver’s current run, is what makes him most likeable.  I think his recognition that he’s just one part of the machine is genuine.  And I think that recognition is what makes his effect on the Denver’s team chemistry more than a passing phase.  It’ll be very interesting to see how he fares against New England next week, in a game that would appear to be unwinnable on paper.  Yet again.

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