2011-2012 TCIPF Holiday Tournament of Touchdown Shots

Holiday Tournament Bracket

Help choose the champion of the

2011-2012 Holiday Tournament of Touchdown Shots!

There have been thousands of touchdowns scored in the NFL and we have had the opportunity to capture many of them on film.  Now we want you to act like a filmmaker and help decide which of these shots is best!

The TCIPF Selection Committee chose 32 iconic touchdown shots from our library and laid them out in bracket form.

Click the bracket above, print it and fill in your picks!  Every few days, we will post videos of a match-up of two touchdown shots.  Watch them and then vote on the best shot!

Remember, this is not the best touchdown, but the best shot.  So look at the framing (can you see everything you need to see?), the composition (is it too dark? too light?), and the movement (is it too shaky?) as opposed to how memorable the play was.

We want to know what YOU think is the best!


Young Runs Wild (3) vs Lynch Goes Beast Mode (2)

Round 4

Game 1:  The Diesel on 4th Down (6) vs Lynch Goes Beast Mode (2)

Game 2:  Young Runs Wild (3) vs Sanders is Sterling (1)

Round 3

Game 1:  Sanders is Sterling (1) vs The Drive Capper (6)

Game 2:  Beast Mode (2) vs The Catch (1)

Game 3: The Immaculate Reception (1) vs The Diesel (6)

Game 4: Magical Marcus (5) vs Young Runs Wild (3)

Round 2

Game 1:  Immaculate Reception (1) vs Hester’s S.B. Return (5)

Game 2:  Young Runs Wild (3) vs Music City Miracle (2)

Game 3: Sanders is Sterling (1) vs Sea of Hands (4)

Game 4: Reed 108 Yard Return (6) vs Lynch Goes Beast Mode (2)

Game 5: The Catch (1) vs Nitschke Limps Home (4)

Game 6: The Drive Capper (6) vs Primetime’s 1st Time (2)

Game 7: Old Man Willie (1) vs Magical Marcus (5)

Game 8: The Diesel on 4th Down (6) vs Miracle at the Meadowlands (2)

Round 1

Game 1: The Catch (1) vs Tomlinson’s Stiff-Arm (8)

Game 2: Sanders is Sterling (1) vs Cromartie 109 Yards (8)

Game 3: Old Man Willie (1) vs Mackey’s Rumble (8)

Game 4: Immaculate Interception (3) vs The Drive Capper (6)

Game 5: Miracle at the Meadowlands (2) vs The Hail Mary (7)

Game 6: Music City Miracle (2) vs Squirek’s S.B. Pick-6 (7)

Game 7: The Immaculate Reception (1) vs Duhe’s Playoff Pick (8)

Game 8: Prime Time’s Punt Return (2) vs Dorsett’s 99-yard TD run (7)

Game 9: Lynch Goes Beast Mode (2) vs Miracle at the New Meadowlands (7)

Game 10: Young Runs Wild (3) vs Darrell Green’s Playoff PR (6)

Game 11: Santonio’s Catch (3) vs Reed 108 Yard Return (6)

Game 12: Sea of Hands (4) vs Wrong Way Jim (5)

Game 13: The Holy Roller (4) vs Hester’s S.B. Return (5)

Game 14: Sayers Kick Return (3) vs The Diesel on 4th Down (6)

Game 15: Nitschke Limps Home (4) vs The Catch II (5)

Game 16: Garo’s Gaffe (4) vs Magical Marcus (5)

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