Week 13 Thoughts from 1NFL

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Paul – Last Friday we posted Greg Smith’s take on why an NFL starting quarterback should not double as his team’s holder.  Smith’s Exhibit A in the case was Tony Romo, who despite the most famous play of his career, had returned to holding this season after Dallas punter Mat McBriar was injured.  McBriar returned to the lineup a few weeks back, but only punting.  Romo continued moonlighting on special teams as the holder for rookie kicker Dan Bailey.  Until yesterday in Arizona, when McBriar resumed holding.  Bailey promptly missed two field goals, snapping his streak of 26 consecutive field goals made.  Might Bailey have been spooked by the switch from Romo back to McBriar?  Perhaps Dallas should have done like Crash said, and respected the streak.

Nick – The Giants were in a tough situation late in their matchup with the Packers yesterday. They were in the red zone with just over a minute to go, and had to score a touchdown but didn’t want to leave Aaron Rodgers with too much time to win the game. The G-men were focused on tying the game, which was rightfully their top priority, and they were able to. But Rodgers had 58 seconds to drive down the field, and only needed 14 of them to get in field goal range. New York played well, but to beat the Packers, Rodgers can’t have the last possession.

Jonathan – NFL quarterbacks are lighting it up this season. It’s amazing to see how easy Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers make the game look. They are all putting up career numbers and all three could challenge Dan Marino’s single-season passing record. Brees became the only player in NFL history to throw for 4,000 yards through the first 12 games of a season on Sunday. Brady and Rodgers are not far behind.

Most Pass Yards in the First 12 Games of a Single Season Since 1960

NO    2011   Drew Brees       4,031
NE     2011   Tom Brady         3,916
OAK  2002   Rich Gannon     3,877
NO    2008   Drew Brees       3,870
GB    2011   Aaron Rodgers  3,844
ARI   2008   Kurt Warner       3,741

Tiff – I almost thought the New York Giants were going to beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.  But then with 45 seconds left in the game, I couldn’t help but think of Sesame Street, as the Packers last drive was brought to you by the letter “J”:  Jermichael, Jordy, Jennings.  Packers 12-0?  Justified.

Dave – Another week and a few more touchdown catches that force a re-explanation of what is a touchdown catch, why a catch in the end zone is different than a catch in the field of play, why the parameters of holding onto the ball are different when hitting the ground versus when upright… ugh.  Can’t we find some way of simplifying this?  A receiver can bobble the ball, questionably have possession (Greg Jennings, I’m looking at you), have it knocked away and it’s ruled a touchdown.  Another receiver (Jermaine Gresham) can catch the ball in the end zone and get two feet in but have the ball jiggle a smidge while it touches the ground and it’s ruled incomplete??  Jennings never had as much control as Gresham, and Gresham ended the play with the ball cradled in his belly, while Jennings ended the play with the ball bouncing on the turf.  And let’s not get started on running backs who break the plane of goal line with the nose of the ball while their entire body is out of bounds… then have the small smacked free.  I guess the good news for the NFL is that the catch/no-catch touchdown dilemma pales in comparison to the abomination that is the BCS Bowl system.

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