Week 12 Thoughts from 1NFL

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Editor’s Note: It must be noted this week that each of us submits our thought without knowing the others’.  Which just goes to show you, there’s something about Tebow.   

Jonathan – Dear Stevie Johnson,

We need someone to catch passes, not drop them. We need someone to beat the opponent, not mock them.  We’re more entertained by your 8-catch performance against Revis than by your end-zone dance. We already had one T.O. in Buffalo. We don’t need another one.

Bills fans

Jermaine Greshman (AP)

Nick – Out of the three surprise teams this year, I expected the Bengals to falter first. But the Lions have slowed down considerably, the Bills caught the injury bug, and Cincinnati remains on target. Still, the Bengals almost lost to the lowly Browns and their road to the playoffs won’t be easy. Poor Buffalo. The Bills were a Stevie Johnson drop, and a Fitzpatrick missed throw away from keeping their season alive. Bad timing to be good in the AFC East.

Tiff – Looks like Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos did it again.  It makes me wonder… if the Broncos had a quarterback who threw more than he ran, and completed more than half of his pass attempts, would Denver need until the last 50 seconds of overtime to win the game?

Tim Tebow (AP)

Dave– Tim Tebow takes every opportunity to proclaim his Christian faith.  My own background as a preacher’s kid tells me that God uses the unworthy, unwanted, unskilled.  Fitting then that Tebow is winning in ways that defy logic, defy analysis, defy all odds.  Then again, maybe it’s as simple as good defense + strong closer = wins.  Tim Tebow’s record as Denver’s starter this year is now 5-1.  His QB rating in the first three quarters of games is under 70.  In the fourth quarter it’s 107.8.  In the fourth quarter of games within 7 points, it’s 126.4.  Can you spell g-a-m-e-r?  Maybe he belongs on the Raiders, because he just wins, baby.

Paul – Last week I wrote about how Tim Tebow has inspired the name of a racehorse.  This weekend, he inspired a new addition to my football vernacular:  whenever I was watching a game and a quarterback took off running – and especially when that run was a designed draw – I screamed “He’s going Tebow!” Certainly, Nike’s “Tebow Knows” ad campaign will be coming soon to a broadcast near you.

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