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Cara – Alright, Giants. So, you blew it.  You blew it against a team with a 3-6 record, hovering around the bottom of the NFC East, and missing some key starters (Vick, Maclin).  And, as much as you cringed each time the broadcast crew brought up DeSean Jackson’s game winning TD from last year’s “Miracle/Meltdown At The Meadowlands”… you have nothing to worry about.  You’re going to be Super Bowl Champions this year.  It was determined Week 3, in Philadelphia.  This is the theory I have been running with since last year’s Super Bowl:  Two seasons ago, the New Orleans Saints played in Philadelphia at the Eagles home opener.  The Saints defeated the Eagles, and eventually went onto be Super Bowl Champions.  Last season, the Green Bay Packers played Philadelphia at their home opener – and won.  Later that season, there was this.  Now, jump to the current season.  The New York Giants pay a visit to Philadelphia in Week 3 – Philadelphia’s first game at home for the 2011 season.  What happens? This happens. Say hello to the 2011 Super Bowl Champions: The New York Giants.  Cheer up.

Vince Young (AP)

Paul – Fans of “The Legend of Vince Young” will never forget the scene near the end of Act I (2006), in which the Giants were hapless victims of the title character – then in full phenomenon mode — as he erased their 21 point 4th quarter lead in a manner that left some anointing him a deity.  Fast forward to the end of Act II, last night.  Young – now in an anything-but-God-like phase – once again encounters the Giants, and once again — though in the more workmanlike fashion of a crafty old pro – engineers their transformation into a Speed Bump, this time on his Road to Redemption.  Yes, it remains to be seen if yesterday’s Eagles VictorY will translate into a re-birth of the Legend in his own story.  But if nothing else, the performance solidified Young’s re-occurring, moustache-twisting role in the Tom Coughlin biopic “Red Face, Big Blue.”

B.J. Raji celebrates after rushing touchdown (AP)

Nick – The NFC East is probably my favorite division as a spectator, to just sit back and watch unfold. The Cowboys can now run the ball, the Giants can’t, and the Eagles can now play defense. All three of these teams are entertaining to watch and it seems like anything is still possible. It’s going to be fun to see how all these highly criticized and well-paid athletes play down the stretch.

Jonathan – I love it when lineman get out of the trenches and into the spotlight. Packers DT B.J. Raji did his best “Refrigerator” impression, playing fullback and scoring a 1-yard touchdown. Seahawks DT Red Bryant picked off Sam Bradford and dished out a mean stiff arm to a Rams wide receiver. Raiders DT Tommy Kelly got in the mix as well with an interception against the Vikings. Big day for the big boys.

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