Numbers Game: Home Field and the Ravens

Numbers game, Tremaine Hill

I thought it was called Home Field Advantage

The idea that Home Field provides an advantage is generally considered an absolute truth.  That’s what they say, but if you ask me, the term is used a little too loosely in sports – especially the NFL. Yea, if you’re the home team you have the home crowd, some form of comfort with the stadium, and a feel for your surroundings.  But remember, when a road team makes a big play it takes the crowd out of the equation and leaves just the men on the field trying to swing momentum back in their favor. Momentum has no home team, momentum has no favorites.  But momentum can determine the outcome of a game.

In Week 10 we saw home teams go 6-10, and over the last 2 weeks home teams are 10-20. It is safe to say that a lot of fans have left their home stadium disappointed. It wasn’t too long ago that home teams were on top of the world.  Could it be related to their bye week?

Home Teams before and after the Bye

Winning Pct Overall Record
Before the Bye .609 39-25
After the Bye .524 43-39

*Byes started Week 5
 Will the real Baltimore Ravens stand up?

The Ravens are 6-3 and tied in the AFC North standings with the Cincinnati Bengals, whom they just so happen to play this week. Chances are the Ravens will win because it is a home game and they are undefeated at home, but if it were a road game I might have to rethink things. All 3 of Baltimore’s losses this season have come on the road, and 2 of the 3 teams they lost to are 3 games below .500. With the Ravens coming off a loss to the Seattle Seahawks on the road, look for Baltimore to and break a trend of let downs this season.

In the NFL every game is important but don’t tell that to the Ravens. It just so happens that after every important or must win game the Ravens forget to bring their “A” game to the party. Let me show you what I’m talking about:

Ravens opponents following an important win

Week Opponent Score Outcome
1 PIT Steelers 35-7 W
2 at TEN Titans 13-26 L
6 HOU Texans 29-14 W
7 at JAC Jaguars 7-12 L
9 at PIT Steelers 23-20 W
10 at SEA Seahawks 17-22 L

Not to say that anything is wrong with any of the teams that the Ravens lost to, it’s just that if you want to be an elite team in the NFL, games after emotional, hard fought victories must be equally important if you want to take it to the next level.

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