Week 11 Playbook Fantasy Tips Part 2

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Here is Part 2 of our Fantasy Tips for week 11…


Cold: Jason Witten, TE Dallas

Will it keep up: Yes

  • Washington’s LBs are athletic enough in coverage to keep Witten from creating any problems down the field
  • When playing zone, Washington is fine with completions underneath. Expect Witten to put up mediocre production, similar to these two teams first meeting

Larry Fitzgerald (AP)


Hot: Larry Fitzgerald, WR Arizona

Will it keep up: Yes

  • The Arizona offense did its best work in the 2nd half when Josh Skelton was targeting Larry Fitzgerald often
  • Calvin Johnson had most of his success on in-routes and stuff underneath the defense; these are easy throws for Skelton and routes that play to Fitzgerald’s strengths
  • The running game will be shut down, which means the Cardinals are going to have to move the ball through the air


Marshawn Lynch (AP)

Hot: Marshawn Lynch, RB Seattle

Will it keep up: Yes

  • The Seattle OL has been getting a good push in the past few weeks, facing stout run Ds, against which Lynch has been able to get down hill
  • Last week Chris Ogbonnaya was able to generate tough yards between the tackles, something he doesn’t excel at, but Lynch does
  • The Rams DL got pushed off the ball last week against a Cleveland OL that has not been playing as well as the Seahawks’

Roddy White (AP)


Cold: Roddy White, WR Atlanta

Will it keep up: Production should stay the same

  • Tennessee was able to generate a pass rush last week without blitzing, which allowed them to limit big plays. The key to the Falcons passing attack will be their ability to protect Matt Ryan
  • With so many weapons for Matt Ryan this year, it is uncertain if or when he has to focus as heavily on Roddy White as he did last season


Vincent Jackson (AP)

Cold: Vincent Jackson, WR San Diego

Will it keep up: No

  • Philip Rivers has been forcing a lot of passes, which does not bode well for him, but does for Jackson as he will still get passes even if he is covered. His size and leaping ability help him win a lot of those jump balls
  • The Bears limited Calvin Johnson’s ability to get down field by playing a lot of high/low coverage against him. Jackson is a different player and does his best work in the seams on post routes, and the deep sidelines on crossing patterns. This will allow him to avoid being slowed down too much.
  • The Bears safeties are their weak link, and struggle to attack passes and make plays when they’re in the air

Brent Celek (AP)


Cold: Brent Celek, TE Philadelphia

Will it keep up: No

  • If Vince Young has to start, look for the Eagles coaching staff to dial up some easy passes to help get him in rhythm.  Celek is not a huge down the field threat, but does a good job getting open underneath
  • The Giant LBs are not overly athletic, which means Celek should be able to get open underneath while having some room to run after the catch
  • If the Eagles can’t stop the Giant offense, which we do not expect, Philadelphia is going to have to throw to stay in the game. That bodes well for the increase in targets Celek could see

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