Tebow, Britney, and Bobby

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Oops, he did it again.

Another statistically underwhelming performance capped by another game winning drive.  Is Tim Tebow’s formula sustainable?  No one knows.  But whether you find his style Toxic or – as is the case with Denver fans – it leaves you screaming Gimme More, it’s time to concede that for this season at least, this zone-reading pop-star QB is more than a one-hit wonder.

No, not actually like Britney Spears, more like another blond: Bobby Douglass – the lumbering southpaw quarterback who ran more than he threw, and to whom Tebow has begun to draw frequent comparison.  Here’s a look back at the former Chicago Bear, as featured in a piece produced by our very own Vault Keeper in 1986 for the magazine show, “This is the NFL.”

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