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Jonathan – While looking at the box scores from Sunday, I was amazed when I saw that Tim Tebow only attempted eight passes in the Broncos win over the Chiefs, completing two of them. I was even more amazed when I learned that his passer rating was 102.6, his best as an NFL starter. He also scored two touchdowns, one rushing and one passing. I guess sometimes less is more.

A.J. Green (AP)

Tiff – Sometimes I don’t understand momentum in the NFL.  Just when you think teams are on a roll and momentum is in their favor, it suddenly disappears.  That’s how I felt this weekend:

  • The Cincinnati Bengals were on a 5 game win streak then lost to the Steelers.
  • Against the Bills in Week 9, the Jets looked like their defense was back to their dominating, then blew it in week 10.
  • Last week, the Giants upset the New England Patriots with an amazing final fourth quarter drive; then this week they lost to the 49ers, sure enough, on their final fourth quarter drive.
  • Baltimore played their hearts out against the Steelers last week on Sunday Night Football, then didn’t show up against the Seahawks.

It seems like this momentum shift mainly attacks the AFC–with the exception of the Giants–so we’ll see what happens to the 8-0 Packers when they play the Vikings tonight.

Nick – The Bears have come out of their bye week firing on all cylinders as they earned respect last week by beating up on the lowly Eagles and then by embarrassing the Lions on Sunday. That defense is scary good and Julius Peppers, Brian Urlacher, and Lance Briggs are all over the field. While the Bears are to be respected, can anyone figure out the Ravens? They keep leaving the door open for the Bengals, who may be coming down to earth along with the Bills. But right now the Ravens and the Jets are so inconsistent and make way too many mistakes to be taken seriously.

Michael Vick (AP)

Dave – Is there a less scary offense with 3 minutes left in a game than the Philadelphia Eagles?  Back to back weeks of fizzling out at the end of winnable must-win games.  For years, the blame here in Philly went to McNabb as a bad late game quarterback.  Enter Vick, who had his share of comeback wins as a Falcon.  But now, watching Vick fall flat repeatedly has me wondering if Philly’s anti-Reid camp has it right, and the real problem is big and red.

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Devin Hester (AP)

Paul – Talent of the transcendent, historic type often prompts more questions than it resolves.  Take, for instance, Devin Hester.  What makes him so good at escorting kicked footballs back to the opponent’s end zone?  He’s now returned 17 kicks for touchdowns in his career.  That plus the missed field goal he once returned (108 yards, incidentally) gives Hester 18 return touchdowns in 85 career games, or, one less than Deion Sanders all-time record of 18 return touchdowns. . .set in Sanders’ 188 game careerSpecial teams’ touchdowns arguably swing games farther faster than any other type of play in football.  And a little less than once every five games since he’s been a Bear, Hester has provided just such a booster shot of momentum to Chicago.  That’s, on average, 3+ times a season, every season since 2006.  To me, those are the type of numbers – much like Pi, Absolute Zero and all those Fibonaccis – that are so astonishing, we mortals are probably better served accepting them (and in the case of Hester’s Number, enjoying them) than trying to explain their origin or what they mean.

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