Ninja Game of the Week: Week 10

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Last week, all of those 4 o’clock games were worth watching. The game between the New York Giants and New England Patriots was a repeat of Super Bowl XLII.  The Green Bay Packers and San Diego Chargers kept scoring, providing a last minute thriller.  Even the Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams game came down to overtime.  But I’d like to remind you that all those games were marquee match-ups or divisional games.  You had to expect some type of drama to unfold, and boy, did it unfold.  Many of you might have not cared about the Cincinnati Bengals and Tennessee Titans last week, but I hope you found it as thrilling as these other games, because it was.  It was the perfect Ninja Game: a game whose drama snuck up on you and made it worth watching.

For this week’s Ninja Game, I chose a match-up with teams that most likely won’t make the playoffs.  However, this game is full of exciting twists and turns and I can’t wait to watch it.

My Ninja Game of the Week is…

Washington Redskins at Miami Dolphins

For fantasy purposes, there are a few reasons to watch this game:  Will Reggie Bush be a stud again this week?  Is Matt Moore worth picking up?  Will Mike Shanahan finally settle on a running back?

But in actuality, there are only two reasons that encompass why you should watch this game, and here they are:

1) The Dolphins want to prove last week wasn’t a fluke.  The Dolphins may have been winless up until last week, but they have looked like a good team with bad luck.  Two weeks before they played the Kansas City Chiefs, they should’ve beat the Denver Broncos.  A fourth quarter collapse allowed Tim Tebow and the Broncos to march down the field, score to tie the game, then win it in overtime.  In week 8, they had a chance to beat the New York Giants, before, once again, a poorly played second half allowed the G-men to stage a comeback win.  Last week, they started strong and finished stronger, holding the Chiefs to a field goal, which they scored on their opening drive.  The 1-8 Miami Dolphins are NOT a bad team.  The Redskins better watch out.

2) Rex Grossman is starting.  Before the season started, Rex Grossman proclaimed the Redskins were the best team in the NFC East.  They look great in Week 1, defeating the Giants by two touchdowns.  Then in Week 2, they snuck by the Arizona Cardinals to beat them by 1 point.  After that, Grossman couldn’t find a way to win and he was replaced by John Beck.  Sure enough, Beck also couldn’t win, so now Grossman is back as the starting quarterback.  You have to think he’s coming into this game with a chip on his shoulder to prove he deserves the starting spot.  He did help take the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl in 2006.

The Dolphins’ offense is ranked 19th in total offense, the Redskins are ranked 21st.  On defense, the Dolphins are ranked 24th and the Redskins are 13th.  Advantage?  Not sure.  Which is why you should watch!

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