Week 9 Thoughts from 1NFL

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Jonathan – Déjà vu. That’s what I got watching Eli Manning and the Giants drive down the field against the Patriots on Sunday afternoon. Jake Ballard’s incredible catch mid-way through the drive was almost overshadowed by the number he was wearing. Eighty-five was David Tyree’s number in Super Bowl XLII when he made a slightly-more incredible catch off of his helmet.  Two amazing catches, two great wins by the Giants.

Nick – Thank you Giants for making it a great day of football yesterday and also setting up what will be another hype-filled week leading up to the Jets vs. Patriots showdown on Sunday night at MetLife Stadium. The Jets dominated the Bills from the beginning and if Mark Sanchez doesn’t turn the ball over twice in the first half, the game could’ve been over at halftime. Now the Patriots go on the road with first place on the line, coming off of two straight losses. Just a couple weeks ago it looked like New York was in big trouble with New England and Buffalo leading the AFC East. All of the sudden the Jets are one win away from first place. Thank you Giants.

Torrey Smith's game winning touchdown

Tiff – My week 9 thought, in limerick form:

I thought the Ravens week 1 win was luck
The Steelers wouldn’t stay down like schmucks
Then when revenge came in week 9
Ravens won a second time
Man, losing to them twice just sucks

Paul – The Packers are well on their way to being the #1 seed in the NFC Playoffs.  So I wonder. . .is there a team in the NFC that can win a game outside at Lambeau Field in January?  Because if not, Green Bay will be playing  for its second straight title indoors in February.

Toddy Haley's beard

Dave – As a Gen-Xer, my formative years coincided with the height of “grunge.”  So when Todd Haley let his beard grow, started wearing track pants and hooded sweatshirts, and a ball cap that made Vlad Guerrero’s helmet look freshly polished, I was intrigued.  The Chiefs, a team that never meant anything to me, was now on my super-secret rooting list.  I am attracted to grime.  Blame it on Nirvana.  I stopped being a Browns fan in part because they returned to the league in 1999 without Cleveland Municipal Stadium, a disgusting dump that was the greatest stadium I ever set foot in.  Haley said he would keep the beard until his team lost, which they did this weekend against winless Miami.  Here’s hoping that Haley keeps the beard, and keeps the grime for the rest of the season.

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