Ninja Game of the Week: Week 9

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There are so many great games to watch this week:  New York Jets at Buffalo Bills…  New York Giants at New England Patriots…  Green Bay Packers at San Diego Chargers…  Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers…  Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles…  Everyone will have their eyes glued to one of these games, and I don’t blame them!  I’m very excited the Steelers/Ravens game is Sunday night because, as a Steelers fan, I must devote my sole attention to it.

As excited as I am for all these games, I’m very excited about my Ninja Game of the Week, which is….

Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans

And here’s why I think this will be a good game:

Andy Dalton (AP)

1) Fire and ice.  There’s just something about Andy Dalton’s red hair that makes me wish NFL helmets were see-through.  Combine that with the Bengals orange uniforms and the fact that Dalton has led the Bengals to a 5-2 record, and you have one hot quarterback.  On the other hand, Tennessee’s ice blue uniforms seem to represent their 2-game losing streak and lack of productivity by their star running back.  This may look like a hot and cold game, but I think these teams will even each other out pretty well.  For more reasons like…

A.J. Green (AP)

2) Dynamic rookie combo.  When the 2011 NFL Draft came around, many teams skipped over Dalton, leaving the TCU quarterback to drop to the second round and get snatched up by the Bengals.  This of course, was after they drafted George wide receiver A.J. Green with the fourth overall pick.  What I never imagined was for the two players to click almost instantly.  Green is probably the best rookie wide receiver in the league, having already recorded 33 receptions, 516 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns.  Dalton may not be a top 10 quarterback (or even top 20), but, like I said above, he’s led the Bengals to a 5-2 record so far.  Plus, things look dangerous for the Tennessee Titans defense, who has given up over 1,640 passing yards so far this season.

Tennessee Titans (AP)

3) Titans rollercoaster season is going up.  The Titans have been extremely inconsistent this season—with the exception of Chris Johnson being consistently bad.  When you look at some of their wins and losses, they lost to the Jaguars (2-6), beat the Ravens (5-2), and beat the Cleveland Browns (5th best overall defense in NFL).  This week, they play the Bengals who have the 4th best defense.  They also lost their last two games and won’t want to lose another one.

Marvin Lewis (AP)

4) Bengals are looking to win their 5th straight game since 1988, when Boomer Esiason led the Bengals to 12-4 season and a Super bowl berth.  If history tells us anything, it may mean the Bengals have a chance to play in the Super Bowl!  But, when you look at who the Bengals still need to play, Pittsburgh and Baltimore are on their schedule twice.  They’ll be looking to win this game to put them in better position for the weeks to come.

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