Playbook Week 9 Fantasy Tips: Part 2

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  • DeMarco Murray has looked great so far. He has really stood out with his ability to get around the corner on sweeps. Combine that with his size and ability to get positive yards between the tackles and Murray’s production has not been a total surprise. He should get opportunities this week, but is going up against a very good run defense so expect his production to be limited.
  • It looks like Tavaris Jackson will be starting this week. In the games he has started, Sidney Rice has played his best, but we feel like Doug Baldwin will have more success this week. The Seahawks are going to struggle to slow down the Cowboys pass rush, which means the ball won’t be able to get downfield. Baldwin has had his most success underneath and with intermediate routes. Jackson will need to get the ball out of his hands early and we think it will be in Baldwin’s direction.

LeGarrette Blount (AP)


  • LeGarrette Blount is finally back and we think that if his health is there he should have a great game. The Saints DL is talented, but against the run they get pushed off the ball easily. Teams have been able to generate a full head of steam and are getting 2 and 3 yards downfield before they reach any defender. We like Blount’s matchup this week.
  • The Bucs created havoc with Drew Brees in Week 6 with their ability to generate a pass rush with their front 4. This allowed them to sit back in zone, while dropping their linebackers slightly wider to limit the Saints success up the field. Drew Brees and the Saints will utilize a RB and TE to chip on the outside, and should make the necessary adjustments to have a good day this week. Guys like Marques Colston and Jimmy Graham should put up their usual production.


    • Avoid anybody on Washington’s offense. With Fred Davis possibly being out for this game, or at the least hindered, the Redskins have no real weapons. The Bills just generated 10 sacks with their ability to push the pocket up front and we expect the 49ers to be able to do a lot of the same.

Frank Gore (AP)

  • The Redskins were able to slow down the Bills rushing attack, at times, with the OLB play. Their OLBs would crash down hard and disrupt inside and outside runs. The 49ers are more of an in your face rushing attack. They will run power until you prove you can stop it and we do not think the Redskins can do that. Frank Gore should have another big day.


  • Brandon Lloyd has come alive since rejoining the Rams. He really has shown an instant chemistry with A.J. Feely because he knows where he is suppose to be. He has always been a great route runner and has emerged as the go to guy with whoever is behind center in St. Louis. Lloyd definitely warrants serious consideration to be in your starting lineup, especially against a poor Arizona secondary.
  • Kevin Kolb is a real question mark going into the weekend, which means Josh Skelton could be behind center. The Rams are going into this game after a huge win and their defense should be able to carry over the same momentum. The Cardinals have struggled to protect all year so with a new QB their passing attack could be even worse. Larry Fitzgerald is going to get his targets regardless, but stay away from any other Arizona pass catchers this week.

Matt Forte (AP)


  • Matt Forte has had a chance to rest his legs and we anticipate that he should rested enough to have a great week. Last week the Cowboys could not slow down the offensive attack, so DeMarco Murray was taken out of the game early. The Eagles defense has improved, but is still porous in their run defense.
  • Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson should be able to generate a big play or two against this Bears secondary. The Bears are not overly physical on the outside with their CBs, and their Safeties struggle to understand their assignments and are not athletic enough to make up for that.

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