Top 10 Football Voices: The Mouth Roared

TCIPF Staff, Top 10

A football game wouldn’t be the same without the soundtrack. The voice describing the action can make a moment larger than life or make you want to mute your television. So who have been the greatest voices at bringing the opera of football into your living room? And how do you pick just ten? Summerall. Gifford. Kalas. Michaels. Madden. One thing’s for sure – if vocabulary were the top criteria, Humble Howard would have been number one.

He was the most polarizing announcer in football history and he’d have a lot to say about our list. Find out which voices outranked Howard Cosell when we unveil our list of Top 10 Football Voices on Saturday at 10 p.m. eastern, 11 p.m. pacific.

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