Playbook Week 8 Fantasy Tips Part Two

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  • The Carolina LBs scare us. They have yet to show an ability to stop anybody on the ground or through the air. Their instincts have really been lacking and that has made everything else they do seem worse. We think that this week Adrian Peterson (if healthy) should be able to have another great game. His running ability is no mystery, but Christian Ponder’s ability to utilize the play-action will create a lot of headaches for these LBs. We anticipate that Visanthe Shiancoe will be able to get behind the LBs and out in the flats to have a big day.


  • Daniel Thomas (AP)

    Daniel Thomas. His lack of production is scary. He has been getting a good number of touches, but just has not been producing. We looked into this and it stems from the Dolphins OL and the type of runner Thomas is. The Dolphins have not been blowing teams off the ball and generating a lot of holes for Thomas to run through. This has caused him to stop his feet a lot at the line of scrimmage. He is being forced to move laterally before he hits the hole, which is something that does not play to his strength. Thomas is a downhill runner and he is not doing that right now. Reggie Bush has had success running because of his agility around the line of scrimmage. Stay away from Thomas until he improves.


  • The amount of wear and tear the St. Louis turf is going to get from the New Orleans Offense could be scary for the Rams. Right now this offense is running on all cylinders. The Rams simply do not have the ability to shut down their rushing and passing attack. Play any of the big name Saints guys and expect them to have big days.


  • The Seattle Offense is coming off a game in which they scored only 3 points and now have to face a physical, in your face defense in the Bengals. The Seahawks might be without Marshawn Lynch which will put even more pressure on the passing attack. Neither Tavaris Jackson nor Charlie Whitehurst has the ability to win the game on their own, especially against a defense like this. We are a little scared for the Seattle QBs if the Bengals get a lead (which we expect they will) and let their DL loose to get after the QB.

Colt McCoy (AP)


  • We’re a little nervous for Colt McCoy and the Cleveland Offense. First, they’re coming off a game where they scored 6 points. Second, the 49ers are coming off their bye and have been able to scheme for the Browns for two weeks. Lastly, is how the physicality of the 49ers will matchup with the Browns. The running game will be taken away completely. We have talked about how good the 49ers front 7 is and and our opinions haven’t changed.  The 49er secondary is not afraid to get up in the WR face at the line of scrimmage and we believe that after having two weeks to watch the Browns on film, they will jam them a lot to throw off the timing of their West Coast offense. Stay away from the Browns and play the 49ers D!


  • The Cowboys have found a rushing attack and we think they should continue to stay hot against a pretty poor Eagles run D. We are more worried about how Tony Romo will distribute the ball in the passing game. He has a lot of weapons, but last week he struggled to get the ball to Dez, Miles and Witten. The Eagles have a good secondary, so passing will not be easy to come by, but their talent should not keep them out of games. Keep an eye on how they do this week, but proceed with a little caution starting any Cowboy pass catchers.
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