Numbers Game: Aaron Rodgers and 100 Yard Rushers

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Even though Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are on a bye this week, I felt compelled to talk about the “People’s Champ” because everybody likes a winner and these days that’s all he’s doing.  He’s winning so much that I’m starting to think the Packers faithful have forgotten Brett Favre.  Is Aaron Rodgers really that good?  Let’s dive into some numbers to see just how great a Quarterback he is becoming.

Aaron Rodgers (AP)

Last week we saw A-Rod record his seventh straight game with a passer rating of 110+, setting an NFL Record.  This season he is completing 71.5% of his passes to go along with 20 Touchdowns and just 3 Interceptions.  He has won 13 consecutive starts dating back to last year; won himself a Lombardi Trophy, and has carried the momentum over to this season where he has the Packers sitting atop the NFL with a 7-0 record.  It’s the first time Green Bay has started a season 7-0 since 1962.  History tells us that if you’re the last undefeated team left standing, your chances of making the Super Bowl are high.  In the Super Bowl era, spanning 45 seasons, there have been 22 instances where the last undefeated team went on to reach the Super Bowl, with half of those teams (11) winning the Big Game.  Will Rodgers do something Favre never could – win a second Super Bowl for the Packers?

Even with Aaron Rodgers and all of the great passers in our modern NFL, one old school formula still works: running the ball effectively = success.  In week 7, there were 7 teams with a 100 yard rusher.  Those teams went 6-1.  Over the last three weeks, teams with a 100 yard rusher have gone 19-4.  It might be a “passing league”, but running and winning remain joined at the hip.

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