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With the season being about half-way finished, the guys at Playbook took some time to draft up new fantasy rosters. We talked amongst the eight owners drafting and decided that this mid-season league would be a Points-Per-Reception one. We performed 10 rounds and drafted a QB, Two RBs, Two WRs, a RB/WR Flex, TE, D/ST, and two bench positions. Each owner had his own method to drafting and we will share with you some of his insight on the players he drafted. As you will see, there are some new names in the first couple of rounds.

Round 1:
Team 1: Adrian Peterson, RB Vikings
Still the most consistent RB and after seeing how he performed with Christian Ponder I think things are looking bright for the rest of the season
Team 2: Arian Foster, RB Texans
I love Foster; he has looked awesome in the 4 games he has played. Tears it up running and catching the ball.
Team 3: Ray Rice, RB Ravens
I’m confident the Ravens get their offense back on track by feeding Rice. He will get more goaline touches as the season goes on.
Team 4: Matt Forte, RB Bears
He simply gets so many touches running the ball and out of the backfield I think this is a steal.
Team 5: Calvin Johnson, WR Lions
Getting a RB was tempting, but Megatron has not been able to be stopped this year and I see no reason why he won’t keep racking up the touchdowns.
Team 6: LeSean McCoy, RB Eagles
Love McCoy here, great value. He has been running the ball better than last year and will still get a lot of catches.
Team 7: Aaron Rodgers, QB Packers
Rodgers was simply too good to pass up, he cannot be stopped.
Team 8: Fred Jackson, RB Bills
Getting a top 3 fantasy back (right now) at this pick is a steal. Jackson will keep getting yards on the ground and thru the air.
Round 2:
8: Darren McFadden, RB Raiders
7: Frank Gore, RB 49ers
6: Wes Welker, WR Patriots
With this being a PPR league, Welker is that much better. Brady looks his way so much that he cannot be shut out of a game.
5: Maurice Jones-Drew, RB Jaguars
I worry a little bit about his heavy workload and the wear and tear, but he is going to get his touches and I anticipate he will get more catches out of the backfield the 2nd half of the season
4: Tom Brady, QB Patriots
As the weather gets worse Brady seems to heat up.
3: Mike Wallace, WR Steelers
2: Greg Jennings, WR Packers
1: Andre Johnson, WR Texans
The hamstring worries me a bit but he should be back in a week. When he is healthy he cannot be guarded.
Round 3:
1: Ryan Mathews, RB Chargers
2: Drew Brees, QB Saints
3: Cam Newton, QB Panthers
Guess this is the first surprise of the draft. Cam has surprised everyone, even me. He throws for a ton of yards and gets a lot of touches around the goaline running the ball; I can’t complain.
4: Steve Smith, WR Panthers
Love getting the Steve Smith of old this late. He should keep thriving with Cam all season.
5: Ahmad Bradshaw, RB Giants
6: Hakeem Nicks, WR Giants
7: Darren Sproles, RB Saints
Another “surprise” here but I love the pick. Sproles is almost a WR in this offense. He is averaging almost 10 yard every time he touches the ball!
8: Roddy White, WR Falcons
Clearly a disappointment thus far, but I have a hunch he’ll get back on track. His bye this week will help him get back in sync with Matt Ryan.
Round 4:
8: Larry Fitzgerald, WR Cardinals
7: Vincent Jackson, WR Chargers
6: Chris Johnson, RB Titans
If CJ gets back to form this is a steal. I think after the bye he will start to come around. He has a favorable schedule as the year goes on.
5: Dwayne Bowe, WR Chiefs
Bowe and Cassel have looked great as a duo. This offense has nobody else and they know how to get him the ball in different ways.
4: Marques Colston, WR Saints
3: Michael Turner, RB Falcons
2: Brandon Marshall, WR Dolphins
1: Dez Bryant, WR Cowboys
Not completely sold on this pick but after last week’s game it was hard not to take him. His physical talents should finally start to shine.
Round 5:
1: Jimmy Graham, TE Saints
Basically got a #1 WR in the 5th round. He has become Brees’ favorite target all over the field.
2: Beanie Wells, RB Cardinals
He has been banged up all year, but when he is healthy he has looked great. Fingers crossed the knee doesn’t slow him down.
3: Miles Austin, WR Cowboys
4: Jason Witten, WR Cowboys
5: Jeremy Maclin, WR Eagles
6: Steven Jackson, RB Rams
Another guy who has fallen, but I like the value here. He will keep getting his touches and I think the Rams offense will improve as the season progresses.
7: Steve Johnson, WR Bills
8: Jermichael Finley, TE Packers
Round 6:
8: Michael Vick, QB Eagles
Vick has clearly fallen because of his inconsistency and the risk that people are more aware of now. Even if he is “off” his ability to run keeps him producing big numbers in fantasy.
7: Pierre Garcon, WR Colts
Who would have thought that Garcon would be picked over Wayne and be the #1 target of the Colts’ QB. He and Painter have a great chemistry together and his speed makes him a threat every game.
6: Matthew Stafford, QB Lions
The talent has always been there, and it is finally coming out. His health is always a risk, but I still like the upside he has.
5: Aaron Hernandez, TE Patriots
A bit of a surprise picking him this early and before Rob Gronkowski, but Hernandez is like Graham in that he is basically a WR. The Patriots use him all over the field and Brady doesn’t shy away from looking his way.
4: Peyton Hillis, RB Browns
3: A.J. Green, WR Bengals
2: Brandon Pettigrew, TE Lions
1: Philip Rivers, QB Chargers
Rivers has underperformed thus far and that worries me, but the talent is there. I think with Gates back the offense will start to fall back in sync and Rivers will tear it up in the 2nd half of the season.
Round 7:
1: DeSean Jackson, WR Eagles
2: Jordy Nelson, WR Packers
3: Rob Gronkowski, TE Patriots
4: Reggie Wayne, WR Colts
Has gone way downhill without Peyton Manning, but his talent is still there. The Colts are going to be playing from behind a lot so we think Painter has to look Wayne’s way eventually.
5: Jahvid Best, RB Lions
I really hope the injury bug has not struck for good. When he is healthy he can make plays.
6: Mike Tolbert, RB Chargers
Even with Mathews he gets a lot of the red zone carries and will still catch a lot of balls out of the backfield. Value was too good to pass up here.
7: Antonio Gates, TE Chargers
8: Rashard Mendenhall, RB Steelers
He has fallen more and more as the season has progressed, but he is too talented not to produce.
Round 8:
8: DeMarco Murray, RB Cowboys
I’m buying the one-hit wonder just because I think the Cowboys saw how much easier things can be on offense and for Tony Romo when they run the ball. Felix coming back will hurt but I am going to ride this train as long as possible.
7: Anquan Boldin, WR Ravens
6: Tony Gonzalez, TE Falcons
5: Ben Roethlisberger, QB Steelers
4: Ravens D/ST
Earlier than I wanted for a D, but you can’t go wrong grabbing these guys.
3: Jets D/ST
2: Shone Greene, RB Jets
A bit iffy on this pick because of the Jets O, but I think he could start to tear it up as the weather gets colder.
1: 49ers D/ST
Round 9:
1: LeGarrette Blount, RB Buccaneers
2: Steelers D/ST
3: Darius Heyward-Bey, WR Raiders
Heyward-Bey seems like he could become Carson Palmer’s go-to guy, so I like the upside this late.
4: Nate Washington, WR Titans
5: Cedric Benson, RB Bengals
6: Santonio Holmes, WR Jets
He is too good to fall any lower. The Jets need to sort things out and get him the ball more!
7: Jonathan Stewart, RB Panthers
I don’t love this pick because of DeAngelo Williams looming, but Stewart has clearly been the better of the two thus far.
8: Victor Cruz, WR Giants
Round 10:
8: Packers D/ST
7: Cowboys D/ST
6: Bengals D/ST
This defense is super physical and the best left on the board.
5: Texans D/ST
4: Willis McGahee, RB Broncos
The Broncos are going to give him plenty of carries to help ease Tebow into a starting role. He should be good to go in a week.
3: Felix Jones, RB Cowboys
2: Daniel Thomas, RB Dolphins
This pick is based solely on potential. Thomas was looked upon so highly at the beginning of the season and the Dolphins need to do something to keep the ball out of the opposing offenses hands.
1: Brandon Lloyd, WR Rams

Final Rosters
Team 1:
QB: P. Rivers
RB: A. Peterson
RB: R. Mathews
RB/WR: D. Jackson
WR: A. Johnson
WR: D. Bryant
TE: J. Graham
D/ST: 49ers
B: L. Blount
B: B. Lloyd

Team 2:
QB: D. Brees
RB: A. Foster
RB: B. Wells
RB/WR: J. Nelson
WR: G. Jennings
WR: B. Marshall
TE: B. Pettigrew
D/ST: Steelers
B: S. Greene
B: D. Thomas

Team 3:
QB: C. Newton
RB: R. Rice
RB: M. Turner
RB/WR: A. Green
WR: M. Wallace
WR: M. Austin
TE: R. Gronkowski
D/ST: Jets
B: D. Heyward-Bey
B: F. Jones

Team 4:
QB: T. Brady
RB: M. Forte
RB: P. Hillis
RB/WR: R. Wayne
WR: S. Smith
WR: M. Colston
TE: J. Witten
D/ST: Ravens
B: N. Washington
B: W. McGahee

Team 5:
QB: B. Roethlisberger
RB: M. Jones-Drew
RB: A. Bradshaw
RB/WR: J. Maclin
WR: C. Johnson
WR: D. Bowe
TE: A. Hernandez
D/ST: Texans
B: J. Best
B: C. Benson

Team 6:
QB: M. Stafford
RB: L. McCoy
RB: C. Johnson
RB/WR: S. Jackson
WR: W. Welker
WR: H. Nicks
TE: T. Gonzalez
D/ST: Bengals
B: M. Tolbert
B: S. Holmes

Team: 7:
QB: A. Rodgers
RB: F. Gore
RB: D. Sproles
RB/WR: P. Garcon
WR: V. Jackson
WR: S. Johnson
TE: A. Gates
D/ST: Cowboys
B: A. Boldin
B: J. Stewart

Team 8:
QB: M. Vick
RB: F. Jackson
RB: D. McFadden
RB/WR: R. Medenhall
WR: R. White
WR: L. Fitzgerald
TE: J. Finley
D/ST: Packers
B: D. Murray
B: V. Cruz

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