The Great Debate: Davis vs. Brown

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Earlier Wednesday, we posted the Mt. Rushmore of the NFL with the faces of Vince Lombardi, George Halas, Jim Brown and Ed Sabol.  Great selection of men.  My choices would be Vince Lombardi, Pete Rozelle and Art Rooney, but I can’t decide on the final face.

Last week, when Cincinnati and Oakland partnered up on the Carson Palmer trade, it got me thinking about those franchises’ founding fathers, and I couldn’t help but debate between Al Davis and Paul Brown for my final spot on NFL Rushmore.  After Palmer’s debut on Sunday, you had to wonder if Al Davis’ former team made the smarter move, or if it was the Cincinnati Bengals, who are now owned by Paul Brown’s son, Mike Brown.  It’s too early to tell about the trade, but not too early to see how those two Hall of Famers stacked up with each other.

So take a look at the  “stats” between Davis and Brown and tell me: Who do you think deserves the fourth spot, Davis or Brown?

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