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Behind the Scenes, NFL Films Presents, Paul Camarata

Reading Sports Illustrated as a kid, I realized two things pretty quickly:  first, I’d likely never meet most of the people whose accomplishments were burned into my brain by the magazine’s stories and images ; second, no matter when they competed or what sport they played, these stars had all seemingly been photographed by the great Walter Iooss, Jr.   After producing an NFL Films Presents piece on Iooss this summer, I now feel – by some degree, through the transitive property of first-person storytelling – I’ve had the good fortune to cross paths with his subjects.  Joe Willie, Wilt, Ali, Aretha, Brooklyn, Petra, Pele, Gretzky, Nicklaus, Jordan … there’s no end to the list of famous names in the magical portfolio that inspired my feature.  Yet, ironically, the name that binds them together remains a mystery, at least, at first glance, to pronounce.  Give it a shot: I – Double O – Double S.  Give up?  No worries, Walter doesn’t mind. In fact, as he explains in the video below, he’s quite used to it.

“NFL Films Presents: Walter Iooss” airs 10/26 on ESPN2 at 2:30 PM/ET and again on the NFL Network on Thurs. 10/27 @ 4p; Sat. 10/29 @ 9a; and Sun. 10/30 @ 2:30a.

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