Mt. Rushmore of the NFL


On Tuesday, we asked you to tell us what four NFL players, coaches, and/or contributors would be etched in stone on your Mt. Rushmore of the NFL.  After going through everyone’s answers, Mt. Rushmore of the NFL would look like this (based on the top 4 answers):

Vince Lombardi was the number one answer, followed by George Halas, Jim Brown then Ed Sabol.  Close runner-ups were Pete Rozelle and Paul Brown.

There were a lot of great names mentioned, but here are some of our favorite answers:

(This post made me laugh)

From Twitter:

Here our our thoughts:

Dave – Pete Rozelle, Paul Brown, Jim Brown, Lawrence Taylor

Paul – Pete Rozelle, Bill Walsh, Vince Lombardi, Deacon Jones

Nick – Vince Lombardi, Pete Rozelle, Joe Montana, Barry Sanders

My first three choices are Vince Lombardi, Pete Rozelle, and Art Rooney.  I’m torn between my last figurehead, which is why I’m going to bring the Great Debate to you!  Check back to TCIPF later today and help answer who deserves the fourth spot on Mt. Rushmore of the NFL.

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