Jonesing for Football

Sneak Peek

The digital age has made it very easy for fans to share their knowledge and love of the game through blogs, podcasts and web videos.  And share they have.  Seriously, have you seen all of the fan content on the web devoted to the NFL?  There’s everything from toddlers making picks, songstresses singing recaps, girls in bikinis giving fantasy advice and even interns…I mean “apprentices”… sharing their football thoughts via blogs.

Last season, Susannah Collins, field reporter for Inside the NFL (and former web show host), met some of the people who spread their love of the NFL through web videos and even gave one lucky pair – “Mole and Meares” – a chance to shoot their video on the INFL set.

"Jonesin For Football" interviewing Stevie Johnson

Well, we are happy to report that “Mole and Meares” and their chroma key green paneling, just celebrated their 100th show.  Congrats guys!  That means you’ve lasted significantly longer than some memorable pro football themed TV shows such as Playmakers and the Michael Strahan sitcom “Brothers” (not a joke, he really starred in a sitcom, check IMDB).

Now the NFL Network ‘s Gameday Morning is hopping on the viral video band wagon.  This Sunday they’re introducing a segment called “Jonesing For Football” featuring interviews and opinions from a guy who not that long ago was posting these clips on the web.  Apparently he was able to score Bills WR Stevie Johnson for his first professional interview.  We’re tuning in just to see if the sidekick makes the jump from internet to TV.

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