Our Favorite Tweets from Week 7: The Help

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Editor’s Note: Here are the highlights of the Tweets of the Week as presented by our own John Marsh.

What’s going on world? This week saw 6 QBs make their first start of the season with mixed results. And by mixed I mean only one got the W. The lone victor was Timothy Richard Tebow. Let’s hear it for Duval County.

Here’s what folks are saying about Number 15.

JM: They’re right. Tebow gets a lot of credit for his intagibles – his passion for example. But in the NFL, the tangible is what keeps you here. That’s wins — and we all know *Herm voice* You play to win the game.

In the Land of 10,000 Lakes…a Christian at QB is making folks Ponder.

JM: Ponder was able to keep the Vikings in the game late but Aaron Rodgers is still prettay prettay good.

In the Bay, the QB play inspired these posts.

JM: Good to see you again Mr. Palmer. Enjoy your stay.

JM: What can bust pipes, make a diamond and keep quarterbacks on the run? Pressure.

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