Moving The Chains – Week 7

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Here is an assortment of links that your TCIPF crew clicked throughout the week.  The main reason this entry continues week-after-week is because the only way we can spend time on these absurd sites and get away with it is by saying “but it’s for the blog!”. Enjoy.

These weapons are delicious.

Tiffany – We all love when Tiffany bakes a batch of tasty cupcakes and shares them with the office!  Let’s hope she doesn’t bring them in on a particularly stressful day at the office.

Save one!

Cara – “Save a pretzel for the gas jets.” Dear Bad Lip Reading guy, please make one of these videos for us. I can think of a few post-game press conferences that would work fantastically.  Hearts,  Your TCIPF Staff.

Baaah... Thank you ND...

Paul–  The Irish are

shedding sheepskin.

Dave – Maybe Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party are actually fighting against the same nemisis.

Every now and then I need to be reminded what the greatest office linebacker of all time looks like.

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