Happy Windsor Wednesday!

Heidi Bahnck

Merril Hoge’s signature necktie knot has been officially dubbed “The Hoge” by the NY Daily News, who recently published a handy step-by-step guide on how to tie it for the enterprising football fan who may want to try the unique Windsor himself. I can’t help but wonder if “The Hoge” will be making an appearance in the halls of NFL Films sometime soon.

There is no such thing as Casual Fridays at NFL Films. Rather, in our creative workplace where jeans are the norm, one risks good-natured ribbing if he/she dares to dress it up a bit. A skirt may elicit, “What’s the occasion?” while khakis and a polo could prompt a snarky, “Job interview today?!”

But this season, Wednesdays have become the exception to the rule. Some companies have Whiskey Fridays; we have Windsor Wednesdays. How did this come about?

One gentleman who works at NFL Films by day also teaches a college course Wednesday evenings, and comes to work Wednesdays dressed for academia — slacks, a button-down shirt, and a tie — automatically eliciting a round of amiable jibes. So in a show of support, and perhaps from a desire to look just a bit more traditionally professional as well, some co-workers decided to wear shirts and ties on Wednesdays too. The result: a bevy of well-manicured, professional men in the halls of NFL Films, proudly displaying all styles of neckwear — stripes, solids, favorite team logos — in solidarity with the professor.

We’re classing it up here at NFL Films on Windsor Wednesdays! And the movement is spreading. Last week, even a couple of women showed up in ties!

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