Cinemablogapher – 49ers @ Lions Week 6

Behind the Scenes, Cinematography, Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers

I was definitely at the most talked about game this weekend! 49ers @ Lions! It was the battle of the coaches more than anything…

I had the opportunity to take the Steadicam out for the second time this season. It being the second time I’ve done this at a game, I tried to push my limits in the tunnel areas of the stadium. I really attempted to demonstrate the drama that can be conveyed by simply following the team out of a tunnel. The result was successful. A group of the 49ers walked out right as I had positioned over the other cameramen. This is a great example of luck meeting preparation. The shot is really dramatic and intense. My favorite part of the shot is when the middle 49ers player performs a “sign of the cross” before running out. Taking a moment to geek-the-heck-out: Camera- Aaton XTR-Prod. Lens- Canon 7-63mm, shot at a f4.0. Stock- Kodak 7219 500 ASA, rated at 400. Rig- Tiffen Steadicam, setup in low mode. Frame Rate- 60fps.

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