Thoughts on Week 6 from 1NFL

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Nick – As a fan, my dislike for Tom Brady only grows stronger. I thought his four-interception game against the Bills was a sign that he might be slowing down. He racked up plenty of passing yards against the Jets but threw for just one touchdown and an interception. On Sunday against the Cowboys he threw two more interceptions. But if I needed a reminder that Brady is still the best in the game, he provided it by orchestrating a vintage fourth quarter comeback drive to win the game and remain atop the AFC East. He was unstoppable when it mattered most. Again.

Jim Harbaugh (AP)

Tiffany – Is it just me, or are the Harbaughs genetically altered to be great coaches?  Say what you will about the end of the Lions/49ers game yesterday, but the fact remains that San Francisco beat an undefeated team and is now 5-1.  I never would’ve guessed Alex Smith would be the starting quarterback of a 5-1 team, but Jim Harbaugh has done something to rejuvenate him!  And John Harbaugh is just as great of a coach—even though it pains me to say that as a Steelers fan.  If both teams keep playing the way they are, Thanksgiving night might prove to be more exciting than the 12:30 Lions/Packers game!

Sean Payton (AP)

Cara – Watching Coach Payton take a tumble on the sidelines makes me think of all the times our cinematographers and other NFL Films employees have been tackled.  Anyone who has stood on the sideline during a game knows how  different the experience is than sitting in the stands.  When a play is coming your way, it sounds like a herd of galloping horses headed in your direction at full-speed.  Slightly intimidating.  I was almost the victim of some red zone rushing yards last year.  Although looking back at the footage, the play was really nowhere near me.  But if you were me, you’d over-dramatically jump back, too, leaving your cinematographer directly in the line of fire. Sorry, Justin.

Dave – I must confess, I love when pure sport degenerates into the chaos of pure entertainment.  Tyson bites Holyfield, Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch get personal, Oliver McCall has an emotional breakdown in the middle of his rematch with Lennox Lewis.  So it should come as no surprise that, while covering my children’s eyes, I was amused and enthralled by the Jim Schwartz-Jim Harbaugh spat.  The NFL strives to entertain, from the opening whistle to the final gun.  Sometimes, it succeeds in going even further.

Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning (AP)

Paul – The NFC East smells funny.  More than any other division right now, it looks to me like a pecking order that could easily be on its head in another four weeks.  New York has been exposed in pass coverage ; poor tackling has hurt Philadelphia ; Dallas has made too many critical turnovers and Washington still isn’t settled at quarterback (see respectively, Charlie Whitehurst, Linebackers and Secondary, Tony Romo, Rex Beck).  I’ve seen the Coughlin/Manning Giants suffer too many November swoons, and the Reid Eagles remain too resilient late in the season, to think today’s standings are indicative of how things will conclude.

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