Cinemablogapher – Bears @ Lions Week 5

Behind the Scenes, Brian Murray, Chicago Bears, Cinematography, Detroit Lions

NFL Films has a very distinct and high quality image. We strive to be original and have consistent quality… always. That said, I wanted to try an older, re-housed still-photo lens this weekend.

The set-up for NFL Films Cinematographer, Brian Murray, at this week's Bears/Lions game. Play the video below to see his favorite shot from this gear.

The Chicago Bears versus the Detroit Loins:  Monday Night Football! May be one of the most underrated games of the weekend. Since I’ve never filmed as “weasel” in Detroit, it was all new to me.

Weasel means that I am the artistically-motivated camera at the game, purely looking for storytelling and interesting shots that go beyond the plays on the field. I noticed that there was a lot of light on the field, but not any in the stands. Because of that, I thought it would be cool to do some silhouette shots from the fan’s perspective.

In the resulting shot below, I was very lucky to be in the right place at the right time. A huge 3rd quarter play happened for the Lions, and all of the fans went crazy. I think the blending of silhouettes worked great!

Geek Out Moment- My Camera was an Aaton XTR-prod. Lens choice was a Canon 7-63mm f2.6 S16 lens. Stock was Kodak 7219 500 asa. I shot 60fps at a f4.0 with a handheld configuration. I hope that was geeky enough for everyone!

For Week 6, I was once again assigned to work weasel in Detroit.  Check back later this week for another Cinemablogapher break down!

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