Moving The Chains – Week 6

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If you haven’t yet read one of our “Moving the Chains” posts, each week TCIPF contributors share the links we’ve enjoyed visiting during the week.  So, we’re taking you from our site, and moving you on to another. Hence…moving the chains.  The name is sort of brilliant. Almost as good as “Cinemablogapher.”

Tom Hanks


–As a mid-day morale booster, enjoy the beautiful singing of Miss Sophia Grace Brownlee and her hilariously awesome blonde friend

–A friend from college turned the movie trailer for “Splash” with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah (yes, the 1984 epic mermaid movie) into a trailer for a political thriller.


–Tiffany’s link reminded me of this gem.

The cast of "Seinfeld"


–Tips on how to dress for nit-wit young people, from a crabby old fart.

An Amish community’s stunning forgiveness of a murderer, revisited 5 years later.

What I watch while procrastinating.


–Next time you’re cleaning out the basement, wondering if youshould hang onto those photos of your college roommate dancing with an open umbrella in the middle of the dorm room, don’t think twice.  Just do it.

Michael Jordan

–Paralysis by analysis: encumbers athletes, enables writers?

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