Thoughts on Week 5 from 1 NFL

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Paul – The earliest lessons I learned about the calendar:  there’s one day a year to collect free candy from neighbors, it’s called Halloween ; one day’s marked to shoot off fireworks, it’s the 4th of July ; and there’s exactly one day reserved in every year when there’s no other football games going while the Detroit Lions play.  It’s called Thanksgiving, only this year – does my pumpkin pie hankering deceive me? – there’s a Columbus Day helping of it, tonight, when the team that calls itself “America’s Heartbeat” has the NFL stage to itself on Monday Night Football.  It’s good news for fans who haven’t yet this season had the chance to watch Calvin Johnson or Ndamukong Suh.  It’s great news for grocers who, after folks check the TV listings at work today and see the Lions are on by their lonesome this evening, can expect a run on stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Andy Dalton (AP)

Dave – Cam Newton has dominated the discussion about rookie quarterbacks, but Cincinnati’s Andy Dalton has excelled in his own right.  The Bengals 2nd-rounder outplayed fellow rookie Blaine Gabbert in leading Cincinnati to their second straight win.  Dalton is giving the 3-2 Bengals similar production to what Palmer provided last year.  Interestingly, he has put up markedly better numbers on the road (65% completions, 5 TD, 1 INT) than at home (51% completions, 1 TD, 4 INT).  It will interesting to see if Dalton and the Bengals can remain in the thick of the AFC North race.

Michael Vick (AP)

Cara – There are two things I miss this football season: Peyton Manning commercials and Eagles wins.  Just because you’re funny in interviews, doesn’t mean it necessarily translates to commercials (Aaron Rodgers).  And just because you’ve built a team full of amazing players, doesn’t mean you’ll win games (Philadelphia Eagles).  You need that something extra (Peyton Manning).

Tiffany – I was up in New York City watching the games and couldn’t help but feel bad for Giants fans.  Considering all the trash-talking they’ve received, the Giants have been very surprising, especially Victor Cruz.  Ironically, it was Victor Cruz who slipped when that last interception was thrown.  Had he not slipped and continued to run his route, I wonder if they could’ve pulled out the win, and if I would be annoyed with all their 4-1 talk.

Nick – Cam Newton continues to dazzle the NFL even though Carolina is 1-4. He’s already showing that he has one of the most powerful arms in the league and it seems to have revitalized Steve Smith’s career. Did you see Smith go up for a Newton bomb, bring it down, break a tackle and go in for the 54-yard touchdown? He was hit late after the play was over and proceeded to wrestle the larger Saints’ defender to the ground with ease. That’s inspired football. But even more encouraging for Panthers fans was the beautiful counter-option play where Newton pitched it to DeAngelo Williams who went 69 yards for the score. That backfield could be scary good if they continue to show different looks with their versatile quarterback.

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