Cinemablogapher – Jets @ Ravens Week 4

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Wow. Steadicam at a Sunday Night Game! I’m still feeling it to tell you the truth.

At the beginning of last week, I had a great opportunity to do something I’ve never seen on an NFL field before: film a game with a Steadicam setup in low-mode.

NFL Films Cinematographer Brian Murray shoots Steadicam at Week 4's Jets/Bengals game. Click the video below to view one of his resulting shots.

It sounds like there would be zero point to doing this, but I knew there had to be some value in including the movement of the ground in wide shots. So, for the first time in six years, I flew the Steadicam for Jets at Ravens Sunday night game.

I still feel it was the “NFL Films’ look”, but in a slightly different light. Ok, please allow me to “geek out” for just a couple of sentences. Here are the exact specs of what I used at last Sunday night’s game:

My camera was an Aaton XTR-Prod at 60fps, fitted to a Tiffen Steadicam. I shot an Optex 5.5mm lens at f2.0. The film stock selection was Kodak 7213. If I have enough light, I always will shoot the lowest ASA film as possible. I think the Steadicam in low-mode really was an original style that I hope to do more of this season.

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