London Fletcher Visits NFL Films

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At NFL Films, we’re used to having current & former players, coaches, and analysts in the building for production on our weekly programming.  There are a few regulars who call this place home for a couple of days each week during the football season.

Also throughout the year, we will have some other familiar faces visit our NFL Films facility.  This week, Washington Redskin’s London Fletcher stopped over during his bye week to break down film with our NFL Playbook crew (shout out to the 3rd floor) and another popular Redskin, Joe Theismann.

The video below is a snippet of his visit to our war room before he made his way down to our 1st floor studios to tape his NFL Playbook segment.

You can see London Fletcher’s appearance on NFL Playbook tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST on the NFL Network.

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