Kurt Warner: Producer’s Notes

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Why do a film on Kurt Warner?

It’s a question I’ve been asked a lot in the last 6 months.  My bosses asked it. NFL Network asked it. Even Kurt Warner asked it. And my answer will almost certainly surprise you.

It’s not because his is the ultimate Cinderella story. I’ve done something like that before.  Just this past April, I produced “The Brady 6” detailing Tom Brady’s rise from pick 199 in the NFL draft to 3-time Super Bowl champion.

It’s not even Warner’s unlikely resurrection in Arizona. When everyone, even his own coaches thought he was finished at age 37, he took a franchise that hadn’t won a championship in 60 years to the Super Bowl.  One of my goals as a filmmaker is to give my audience a story they either didn’t know or have forgotten. The Cardinals Super Bowl run happened 3 years ago and is still fairly fresh in everyone’s collective memory.

Brenda and Kurt Warner

It’s this reason:  It’s the story of Kurt and his wife Brenda.  It’s the consummate love story.  It’s a story I did not know and in my 18 years in the sports business, I’ve never seen anything documented quite like it.

So, yes, Kurt Warner’s story is remarkable in many ways.  His 1999 season is legendary.  His rise in Arizona 9 years later is equally stunning.  But behind it all, it’s a love story like no other, and that’s why I wanted Kurt Warner to be my first film for “A Football Life.”

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