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TIFF – As I was watching yet another terrible loss by the Steelers, I couldn’t help but think about all the strange happenings in the NFL this year.  It’s like “Inception” for the NFL… Who planted the idea in my head that after the 2010 season—and once free agency resumed—the Steelers would be just as dominant as last year?  That the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, and Indianapolis Colts (well, if they got Peyton Manning back) would be just as good, if not better?  That the hype of the Philadelphia Eagles “Dream Team” is true?  Sure enough, these teams are all struggling to get wins when they need them, and it’s only going to get harder down the stretch of the season thanks to tough match-ups and injuries!  Then there’s this idea that the Detroit Lions are proving to be the real deal.  Lions undefeated?  Steelers giving up 119.5 rushing yards per game?  At least the New England Patriots are my spinning top—my constant—reminding me that this is reality.  I almost think I’d rather be stuck in Limbo and have the Steelers go undefeated…

Frank Gore's game-winning TD

CARA – I wonder if the owner of that green pickup truck traveling on I-295 this weekend is currently Google-ing “How To Remove Brand New Buffalo Bills Stickers From Truck Tailgate.” It’s called Goo Gone, sir. And I can guarantee that it’s completely out of stock in Philly. It started to fly off the shelves when there was 7:13 left in the 1st half during the 49ers/Eagles game.

DAVE — How about the goings on in Detroit?  The Lions rally from 20 down for the second time in the two weeks.  And for the second time in weeks, Tony Romo builds Dallas a big lead only to give it away down the stretch.  He has been what Sterling Sharpe on Playbook likes to call a “double agent” – working for both teams.  With 4 wins already in the bank, it’s hard to imagine the Lions missing the playoffs.

Terrell Suggs reacts to TD by Jameel McClain

NICK – I was put in a tough situation this weekend as a Jets fan with the Baltimore defense on my fantasy team. There was no way I could root for the Ravens but I had to start their defense against the Jets. My team was 3-0 and I was down by 20 points going into Sunday night’s game with only my defense left to play. Of course New York laid an egg in Baltimore and before long my team went to 4-0 at the expense of my Jets. The Ravens’ defense had already scored 24 points after two fumble recoveries for touchdowns early in the game to give me the victory. The funny thing was that the Jets were still in the game and had a chance to make it a one-score affair in the second half. But Baltimore’s defense decided to pour it on as Mark Sanchez threw a pick-six and suddenly I wished that both my fantasy team and the Jets were 3-1.

PAUL –  Some people root for their real team.  Some people root for their fantasy team.  Some people root for midway through the 4th quarter, not having any idea who’s going to win the game.  For the Story.  If that’s you, congrats on the performance of your side yesterday.

JOHN – Matt Hasselbeck is playing lights out. He threw three touchdowns this past Sunday in a win over Cleveland and has the fourth best QB rating in the league right now.  After basically being dumped by Seattle, it’s nice to see him do so well. Once Chris Johnson gets back on track, and he’s getting there with Sunday’s 100-yard performance, this team could be a force to be reckoned with in the AFC South.

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