Cinemablogapher – Giants @ Eagles Week 3

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Editor’s Note: Our ‘Cinemablogapher’ posts will be reoccurring throughout the season. Click here to see last week’s!

This past Sunday, I filmed the Giants vs. Eagles in Philadelphia. This was a great example of our Cinematographer’s diversity. Last week, I was the artistic/weasel camera at Eagles vs. Falcons, and this week I was a sync sound, content-gathering camera.

"Cinemablogapher" Brian Murray filming crowd reaction to a New York Giants touch down in Philadelphia. Click the video below to see the resulting shot of this exact photo.

Also, I was using my Aaton S16mm camera last Sunday. This week, I was shooting HD video.

It’s important for me to always remember that I am not the only camera that is at the game. In essence, other cameras from my crew have my back. This allows me to pull away from action shots on the field to get reaction shots in the stands and on the bench.

Without player reaction and fan reaction shots, the edit of the show would look really odd. So, I looked for a huge play that would guarantee a good reaction. This is the best way to film fans. They react to either a touchdown, a poor call by the refs, or just a general reaction to the game.

Normally it’s easy to find a good fan to film. It’s a little bit of trial and error also. Sometimes you just have to roll and hope for the best. This wasn’t the case last Sunday, when I saw a huge play about to happen, which resulted in a  Cruz touchdown. I ran over to an interesting Giants fan, and he did the rest of the work!! Sometimes a cinematographer is just lucky….

I’ll be at the Sunday night game in Baltimore this weekend. I can’t wait to update you all next week on how it all went down.

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