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CARA – So, I don’t have to wait until Playoffs to be disappointed by my team this season? Phew, good thing, because I’m really impatient.

PAUL – A Colts Monday Mashup: Bert Jones Jersey + Don Majikowski’s hair = Curtis Painter

Curtis Painter (AP)

TIFF – Every year, I always hope the “underdog” teams will win some big games.  But this year, it looks like my underdogs have finally grown up.  The Lions and Bills are playing the way the Patriots, Colts (with Peyton Manning), Steelers, and Packers play.  Even the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are showing signs of brilliance.  As a Steelers fan, I’m really glad we don’t play any of these teams this season.  If these teams can keep playing like this, the Steelers and everyone else in the NFL will need to watch out.  I don’t think we’ll see a Lions/Bills Super Bowl this year (who would I cheer for?!), but I do think they’ll be dominant forces for years to come.  Well, that’s if they don’t pull a 2009 Denver Broncos…

Adrian Peterson (AP)

DAVE – Nothing pulls me onto a bandwagon like an underdog with a flair for dramatic comebacks.  The Bills qualify.  Their week 3 win over The Empire (that is, New England), was a stunning breath of fresh air.  Count me in for the Bills bandwagon.  Watching a perennial cellar-dweller like the Bills have a Magic Carpet Ride season is as good as NFL football gets to me.  The Lions are in a similar boat at 3-0, though their surge is far less surprising.  What was surprising about Detroit moving to 3-0 this weekend was how it happened – with yet another 2nd half Vikings collapse.  Minnesota has now outscored its opponents 54-7 in the first half.  So then, how is it that Adrian Peterson has 39% FEWER carries in the 2nd half when he should be grinding out the clock?  Peterson has 36 first half carries, but just 22 second half carries.  The Vikes need to get a smidge of that Bills second half magic if they are to salvage their season.

Detroit Lions celebrate victory over Minnesota Vikings (AP)

JONATHAN Let’s give a hand to some of the perennial doormats in the NFL, the Bills and the Lions.  The Bills erased a 21-0 deficit to defeat the Patriots 34-31 and snapped a 15-game losing streak against New England. The Lions were down 20-0 but rallied to defeat the Vikings 26-23 in overtime, ending a 13-game losing streak at the Metrodome. This is the first time since September 12, 1999 that two teams overcame 20+ point deficits on the same day. Un-BILL-lievable!

NICK – September is always full of inconsistency as teams try to feel their way through the start of the season. Michael Vick is having a tough time staying on the field in year 1 of his shiny new deal for the Eagles, who now have two losses. But two other birds have been up-and-down so far this season. As a Jets fan, the Ravens scare me. They looked perfect against the Steelers and Rams but laid an egg against the Titans. I’m anxious to see which team shows up in Baltimore this week against the Jets. Should be a good game. And the Falcons are now 1-2 after a poor showing against Tampa Bay. Matt Ryan wasn’t special and the Atlanta running game was non-existent. Michael Turner needs to step up for my fantasy team and for the Falcons if they want to make the playoffs.

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