Nick the Apprentice Checks In: Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes, Nick Condit

Since the season began, walking the hallways of 1 NFL has been an experience.

One never knows what kind of sound will be blaring from the offices of producers as they edit.

Whether it’s Darrelle Revis screaming with pride after a big interception, or Jim Harbaugh hugging Alex Smith while shouting his praises, something is bound to catch you off guard. I swear sometimes it seems like they compete for the loudest office.

Although one instance not involving footage or sound was a bit more frightening.

As I turned the corner of one hallway, a former NFL lineman working for the NFL Network’s Playbook show was suddenly strolling toward me with some pace. I knew I didn’t have much time to react as I saw he was reading a sheet of paper in his hand, not looking up. Despite my initial deer-in-headlights reaction, I did my best Barry Sanders impression and dodged him.

I probably looked like a fool, but if it came down to the physics of me against him, I was going down in a hurry. That would’ve been a lot worse than looking like a breathless pedestrian who had just leaped out of the way of a bus.

But the great thing about the hallways is that they are a look behind the scenes. You get to witness how everything comes together.

As I watched the Jets/Cowboys highlights on “Inside the NFL” that week, I finally got to see Darrelle Revis celebrate after his big interception of Tony Romo. I must’ve heard his screams at least ten times prior without really knowing what they were.

And on NFL Playbook I saw them break down the play and show how the Jets defense deceived Romo. The Playbook guys were watching that same play a million times over. I realized that sheet of paper was probably pretty important.

Everything you see or hear in these hallways has a purpose. You’re just not sure what that is until you see it on TV.

Right now I think I’m hearing a random fan screaming what sounds like bloody murder. Curious to see where that fits in.

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