Cinemablogapher – Eagles @ Falcons Week 2

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Editor’s Note: On game day, our cinematographers take quick snap shots of their film cameras between plays, which we then post on our Twitter feed (#FromTheField) for all of our fans to see.   This past Sunday, Brian Murray snapped a cell-phone photo of his camera set up at the Eagles/Falcons Sunday Night game.   Read below for his explanation of the shot and see the video he filmed from that exact angle.  It certainly isn’t a typical set-up!

The original photo of NFL Films film camera on dolly during the Eagles/Falcons SNF game. Click the video below to view the resulting shot.

I always attempt to film original shots. Usually “original” means difficult though.

It’s difficult due to safety and accessibility to what you want to film. In this case, I wanted to take an old shot and change the style a bit. It was Eagles at Falcons on Sunday Night. I was a little nervous because it was a huge game of the week with a lot of people.

I placed a very small PVC dolly on the Falcons far 30-yard line. I waited until the teams were playing away from me, and I rolled when they snapped the ball. I was lucky because the sideline was actually clear for once! The result was a very flowing shot with tons of foreground movement.

I hope to get more original compositions this season.

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