Ten of Our Favorite Tweets: The Show, The Game, The Presser

Best of Twitter, John Marsh

In week 2, we keep it rolling from snack-grabbing time until hopefully your squad is celebrating a win.

@JimIrsay (Jim Irsay) :  If a man caught a cold near the end zone line, then he sneezed hard n fell over the line, how many pieces of treasure would he find? 1 guess

JM: Zero. But six points is a great consolation prize.

@Nate13Burleson (Nate B #ToeDragSwag) : I don’t think y’all understand how excited I am to be playing at home this Sunday! I feel like a little kid…”mommy look what I can do!”

@Ryan_Messick (Ryan Messick) : Nice block by DeSean on Shady’s TD. Give Jackson credit for doing a lot of little things that won’t show up in box score tonight. #eagles

JM: *Lombardi voice* We need a seal here and a seal here…

@jmac_18 (Jeremy Maclin) : Can’t believe it….I apologize

JM: Keep your head up young fella. There’s always a chance to redeem yourself.

@yomike (Scott Swagula) : David Garrard is somewhere saying, I could’ve done that.

@BobGlauber (Bob Glauber) : So much for #NFL lockout slowing down offenses. Per @nflhistory, the 1,458 points scored are most EVER thru Week 2. And still 1 game to go.

@PeteCarroll (Pete Carroll) : We’ve got to stay together and get rolling… This is a journey… Can’t wait to be with the #12thMan next week…

JM: Life ain’t a track meet…it’s a marathon – Ice Cube

@GregJennings (Greg Jennings) : 2-0…. That one wasn’t pretty today, but we found a way to get it done. #BeGreat

@kirkmorrison (Kirk Morrison) : Another huge win today. Feels great. Excitement to the end. The Ralph was rocking today. Loved every minute of it. #BillsMafia

@Lizzs_Lockeroom (YR) : “The undefeated Redskins”… I love the sound of that Jaws… #MNF

JM: The Redskins, Bills and Lions are all 2-0. It feels like ’91 all over again.

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