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CARA – Although I’m an Eagles fan, I tend to distance myself from Eagles fans.  Listening to sports talk radio on my commute into the office this morning reminded me why.  If Maclin had caught that pass on 4th and 4, fans would have gone wild about how incredible the Eagles played and how they are the team to beat.  Maclin drops the pass, and suddenly the team needs the coaching staff completely wiped out, new receivers, new defense, new backup quarterback.  I love it.  I wouldn’t mind having the same problem the Colts have right now, because at least you know exactly what that team is missing.

Tony Gonzalez, AP

PAUL – Among all the eye-catching action of Week 2, the three biggest snags in my retinal net were:
1) The Bills new home uniforms, a deft combination of the team’s classic primary color scheme with its modern-era charging Buffalogo.
2) The Packers’ Greg Jennings way-way-way downfield block on Jordy Nelson’s 84 yard touchdown against Carolina, which perhaps made the difference in the play that ultimately was the difference in the game.
3) The shots from the Patriots broadcast revealing what seemed like an 11 foot section of the New England bench occupied by GRONKOWSKI nameplates.

NICK – Tony Gonzalez continues to amaze me. He made one of the best touchdown catches of the week last night in the back of the end zone against the Eagles and later scored a second time. The seasoned future Hall-of-Famer is looking like Matt Ryan’s favorite target in 2011 and has a great chance to move up to second on the all-time list for most receptions in a career by the end of the season, behind only Jerry Rice. Also, thank goodness for Bills’ running back Fred Jackson or my fantasy team would be as competitive as the Jaguars.

TIFF – I’m a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and after that devastating loss to the Baltimore Ravens last week, I knew my black and gold would come out strong and dominate in their matchup against the Seahawks.  Sure enough, they took control early, which helped when I couldn’t keep my eyes away from the Oakland Raiders/Buffalo Bills game.  Never in my wildest dreams would I consider a Raiders/Bills matchup the game of the week, but sure enough, it proved to be a nail-biter!  In the end, I was glad Buffalo won… partly because I have Stevie Johnson on my fantasy team, but mainly because the Bills are due for a great season.  I like cheering for the underdog, and as a Steelers fan, I don’t get the opportunity to do that too much 😉

DAVE – How about the Bills and Lions each undefeated after two weeks?  It’s great to see, especially with the economic difficulties those two regions are enduring.  Each is led by one of the NFL’s co-leaders in touchdown passes, as both Matthew Stafford and Ryan Fitzpatrick have thrown 7 TDs.  Should be fun following those stories going forward.

Stevie Johnson, AP

JOHN – As a Bills fan, I was irate when the team traded Lee Evans to the Ravens for a 4th round pick.  Who was going to catch the ball besides Steve Johnson? And what happens when teams double-team him? I thought the Bills’ brass was making a foolish decision. Now after two weeks, it looks like I’m the fool. Just look at the stats

David Nelson – 14 REC, 149 yards, TD
Steve Johnson – 12 REC, 162 yards, 2 TD
Scott Chandler – 7 REC, 79 yards, 3 TD
Donald Jones – 6 REC, 27 yards, TD
Lee Evans – 2 REC, 45 yards (In his defense, he has been injured)

You have to give credit to Chan Gailey for his game planning and play calling, and also to Ryan Fitzpatrick for doing a great job of spreading the ball around. These are some of the best offensive numbers we’ve seen from a Bills receiving corps since Drew Bledsoe was slinging the football.

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