Sabol’s Turntable: Night of the Gun

Sabol's Turntable

Henry Mancini won an Emmy and two Grammys for “The Peter Gunn Theme.”  If you’re too young to have heard the tune in the 60’s TV series about the private eye of that same pistol-packing name, you’ve probably heard it in the original “Blues Brothers.”  If you haven’t seen that, well, now you’re making me blue.

What Randy Moss did with footballs, Mancini did on film and television: score like others could only dream.  Toes tapped to his “Pink Panther” theme, tears jerked to his “Moon River.”  The walking bass line of “Gunn” became the inspiration for any composer looking to set a mood of intrigue, suspense and action.  These were exactly the type of story-telling elements that Ed Sabol needed Sam Spence to bring to life in the music he created for NFL Films, so it’s no surprise that traces of Mancini’s award-winning crime theme can be recognized in this classic Spence piece, Night of the Gun.

NFL Films' first music man: Sam Spence

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