Week 2 Fantasy Tips from the Playbook War Room, Part 2

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As inspired by studying the All-22 game tape of Week 1, here’s the rest of our breakdown and fantasy tips for Week 2 . . .


  • Carolina got beat for a lot of big plays at Arizona. If Carolina sits back in zone coverage, Aaron Rodgers will pick them apart and if they decide to blitz, Green Bay has the talent at WR to win any one on one matchup.
  • The Cardinals Defensive Line controlled the line of scrimmage against the Panthers and was able to let their LBs run free for the entire game. Carolina is going up against a more talented DL and LB corps, so expect DeAngelo Williams to have his only success catching passes out of the backfield.
  • Cam Newton is going to see some of the most complicated and confusing blitzes in the NFL. He struggled in the preseason with throwing accurately with pressure in his face, so do not expect the same numbers from Newton this week that you saw last week.

Matthew Stafford (AP)


  • Kansas City’s interior OLine got dominated by Buffalo’s DLine, causing the run game to stop and start instead of go downhill at full speed. Detroit possesses an aggressive and physical D-Line so expect Jamaal Charles to break a big run or two but mostly rely on him receiving out of the backfield.
  • Calvin Johnson and Detroit TEs should have success this week against a KC Defense that struggled to cover some of the Bills’ bigger pass catchers. The Chiefs’ secondary only gets worse now that Eric Berry won’t be in the lineup.
  • Matt Cassel and Dwayne Bowe seemed out of sync in Week 1. The Chiefs may have to counter the Detroit pass rush with shorter passes; Bowe possesses catch and run abilities and a presence as a deep threat.

LeGarrette Blount (AP)


  • Tampa Bay struggled to run the ball last week, but Coach Raheem Morris voiced a desire for his team to rededicate itself to running the ball. Minnesota is without its big bodies inside on defense so LeGarrette Blount should have some lanes to run through.
  • Minnesota’s OLine struggled, appearing overpowered by the San Diego DLine. Until their OLine can find consistency and continuity, Donovan McNabb and the Viking WRs cannot be counted on to be consistent producers.


  • With Marques Colston out for the next few weeks, Drew Brees is going to have to find another big safety valve. Anticipate TE Jimmy Graham to see his targets increase this week.
  • The Saints rely heavily on generating a pass rush through the blitz while the Bears gave up five sacks to the Falcons last week.  If Chicago cannot protect Jay Cutler, Matt Forte will continue to see a lot of action on balls out of the backfield.
  • Devery Henderson has been a trendy fantasy pickup this week with the injury to Marques Colston. Henderson saw a lot of success against one-on-one matchups down the field. The Bears like playing two safeties high and to prevent the big play.  However, the Saints spread the ball around efficiently and the star receiver usually changes weekly, or comes in multiples.


  • Cam Newton torched a young Arizona secondary in his first NFL start. Against the Cardinals their soft zone defense, Rex Grossman and Washington’s starting receivers should put up good numbers.
  • The film showed Beanie Wells running hard last week.  As Arizona looks to protect its young secondary, Wells should get plenty of opportunities to run to help  keep a hot Redskin O off the field.

Dez Bryant (AP)


  • San Francisco’s OLine struggled against a Seattle DL that is inferior to Dallas’. Frank Gore will get his touches, but will have to rely on catches out of the backfield to put up quality fantasy numbers.
  • Dustin Keller had a stellar game against the blitz happy Dallas D. Expect Vernon Davis to get quality opportunities to produce, being the safety blanket against a high pressure defense.
  • Miles Austin and Dez Bryant had success against one of the best secondaries and pass rushing teams in the league. Expect Tony Romo to rebound against an inferior pass rush and pass defense.


  • Michael Turner should see a heavy dose of carries this week. Not only did the Rams have success against the Eagles run defense, but controlling the ball will keep Mike Vick and the potent Philadelphia offense off of the field.
  • St. Louis’ edge pressure created a lot of big hits on Michael Vick.  If Atlanta follows the Ram defense’s lead, LeSean McCoy will continue to haul in short receptions with open space to run.
  • Atlanta aligns their Defensive Ends very wide along the line of scrimmage and will hope this will contain Mike Vick by keeping him in the pocket.  The Eagles do the same, aligning their Ends wide to get a head of steam at the passer.  Philly’s exceptional pass rush will be facing an O-Line who’s QB was battered by Chicago last week.


  • The Giants need to refocus their attention on their running game, especially if Hakeem Nicks doesn’t play. Philadelphia had fair success running the ball against the Rams, so the Giants need to provide Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs with enough carries so they can start to control the game.
  • The St. Louis passing attack struggled last week with four dropped balls. Even though the game is away, look for the passing attack to have success. Controlling the Giant pass rush would give them opportunities to attack the Giants’ soft zone schemes.
  • Steve Spagnuolo was the Defensive Coordinator for the Giants for a few years and is very familiar with Kevin Gilbride’s offensive schemes. The Rams will make it difficult for the Giants to have success throwing the ball.

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